Top 5 Ambrane Power Banks To Have A Look

If you brought any Ambrane product, then you must know, that this brand provides a great range of features within a affordable price range.That’s why in this post we covered top 5  Ambrane power bank reviews.The name Ambrane become very popular and one of the most selling brand in India, especially in power bank space.
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Before going further, we want you to know that there are many factors and feature benefits and demerits you need to know before buying any power bank. We haven’t covered anything about the importance of different factors in this article, in the sake of saving your time to read. If you like to know then you can refer power bank complete buying guide.

Let’s have a look at some of the best selling Ambrane power bank in India

1.Ambrane Power Bank P-2000

With Ambrane p-2000, be it a long road trip or hiking trip, you don’t need to worry about your battery in smart phone and any other mobile gadget. 20,800mAh giant battery of Ambrane p-2000 can easily charge the regular smartphone up to 5-7 times effectively. And the three output power USB port can charge your 3 devices simultaneously at the same time.

top 5 Ambrane power bankWhat we like in Ambrane p-2000
1.Three output power USB port, each having a power rating of 1A/5V, 2A/5V and 2A/5V respectively.
2. 5V/2.1A input power rating, ensures that the power bank can take charge at a faster rate.
3.Protects itself from over-voltage, over-current, and over heat too.
4.LED line indicator,torch light and toggle button also included in this device.

5.One of the rare power bank that offering 20,800mAh Li-ion battery in this price range.



6. One year of manufacturer warranty also included on this device from the date of purchase.
What we don’t like
Some of the customers complained that this power bank takes a longer time than normal to charge itself.

2.Ambrane P-1111 10000mAH Power Bank

The elongated octagonal shape of Ambrane p-111 definitely going to allure you to boost in social gatherings. This power bank available in jet black and blue color to choose, according to the consumer choice.

What we like in Ambrane p-111 top 5 Ambrane power bank
1.Dual output power output ports to charge two mobile gadgets simultaneously with inbuilt 10,000mAh Li-ion battery.
2.Inbuilt safety circuit like Over-voltage protection, over current protection and heat protection are present inside the device.
3.Designed with torch light and indicative LED’s, to indicate power bank status from time to time.
4. One year of manufacturer warranty included with the purchase.

What we don’t like
1.USB cable, which was included with this device is not up to the mark in terms of the quality.
2.Feels a little bulky in size.

3.Ambrane  P-1310 (White and Blue)

Blue and white color combination of Ambrane p-1310, makes this power bank look classy. It’s balanced body and optimum design makes it possible to charge every mobile gadgets keeping it within your pocket or in a handbag.

top 5 Ambrane power bankWhat we like in Ambrane p-1310
1. Li-ion based 13,000mAh power, Samsung made battery, ensures that you’re using a completely safe to use power bank.
2. Dual output power USB port, allows to charge two devices at the same time.
3. Status LED and inbuilt torch also included.
4. 1 year of manufacturer warranty included with the sale.
What we don’t like
Auto power break feature was not included, Due to this, Ambrane p-1310 is unable to automatically turn off power, even if the battery is fully charged.

4.Ambrane P1000 Power Bank (Black)

Ambrane p-1000 is designed to full fill all the portable power bank need of every Indian, to avoid those disappointing moments which occur due to the battery draining of your mobile gadgets during your vacation and long travelling.

What we like in Ambrane p-1000 top 5 Ambrane power bank

1. Ambrane p-1000 comes with four different connectors to charge, which can chagre almost all mobile gadget with USB port connection.
2. This device is one of the rare power bank, that have a digital display to show the power bank status.
3. Inbuilt LED torch light and two USB power output port (micro USB also included) to charge your mobile device.
4. 1 year of manufacturer warranty included with the purchase.

What we don’t like

There are no protection circuits like over voltage protection, Over current protection and auto power break features are not present in this power bank.

5.Ambrane Power Bank P-444 4000mAh Black
This is the last power bank in our list of Ambrane power bank,Which comes at just RS449, perhaves the cheapest, yet very good looking power bank available in India market.

top 5 Ambrane power bankWhat we like in Ambrane p-444
1. Bureau of Indian standard certified power bank.
2.LED torch light and LED lights are also included in this power to show the power bank status.
3.Cheapest power bank.
What we don’t like
1.Only one output USB port, so that supports charging of only one device at a time.
2.There is no protection circuit present in this power bank.
3. Some customers highly unsatisfied with the quality of torch light of this device.


All we know that the number of features and the quality of any product mostly depend on the price tag, As you see, we picked all types of Ambrane power bank varying from features to price, so that everyone can choose one of them according to their need and budget.
That’s all in our section of the top 5 Ambrane power bank. We hope that these reviews can help you. If you already have any of these items, or are planning to buy any of them, then please share your review in the comment section. This can help a lot online shoppers like you and me.
All numbers mentioned here was not denotes any priority, those are only just serial numbers.

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