Best Adjustable Dumbbell in India

The following is some of the best Adjustable dumbbell’s in India. Many fitness gurus believe that with a pair of right dumbbells, one can do almost every type of weight lifting exercise. Choosing an adjustable dumbbells is the best choice because some exercise requires little more  weight than others considering your capability. That’s why we picked some of the best dumbbells available in Indian market considering user reviews, price, compatibility and many more which can help you to choose best dumbbell.

Before going further, let’s know some of the features that need to know before buying any dumbbell. First of all choosing a right weight dumbbell is very important, If you’re buying dumbbell for the first time, then it’s recommended to go for a weight that you can manage to do one kind of set at least 15-20 reps. After weight next thing to consider is the type of material, generally dumbbells made up of rubber, chrome iron, cast iron and there is a lot difference in price considering these materials.

Body Maxx 50 Kg Adjustable Dumbbell Set

best adjustable dumbbell

This is one of the best adjustable dumbbell in India to choose from, Comes with Steel chrome plates, rod, rope and gloves also included with the purchase. If you’re an intermediate then this dumbbell is best choice for you as the chrome plate can last little more compared to other materials. And the 50kg weight is well enough for all types of exercise.

TTC Fitness Ttc-12342 30Kg  Adjustable Dumbell + Free Gym Gloves

best adjustable dumbbell

If you are looking for a dumbbell at little less price compared to the first one with a little less weight than this dumbbell is best choice for you. With These dumbbells you’re getting 30Kg of adjustable plates (5 plates of 2.5kg, 2plates of 5kg and 1 plate of 7.5kg) and along with the seller also providing two pair of gloves, so that you can’t face the problem of dumbbell slip while you workout.

Body Maxx Home Gym Set Rubber Adjustable dumbbells 

best adjustable dumbbell

Many says this is not a good dumbbell and many don’t even prefers to buy the rubber dumbbell, But if you’re a beginner and want to start a workout plan, then this dumbbell is the best choice as at this price range you won’t get anything better than this and this is the reason this dumbbell is one of the most selling dumbbell in our country and the reason we listed in our list of best adjustable dumbbell in India. This dumbbell includes 30kg adjustable rubber plates, dumbbell rods, gloves, gripper and a 3 foot curl bar with locks.

Kobo 32 KG COMBO Adjustable Dumbbells Set 

best adjustable dumbbell

Kobo dumbbell grip plates are made up of attractive vinyl material adds a great look and feel to this dumbbell. Comfortable handle grips and special positioned flat edges to ensure plates remain stationary when not in use. Dumbbell rods are about 16 inch length with grip handle and flower nut, providing good support. A combination of gym equipment’s for the perfect workout. At the same time each dumbbell rod can easily accommodate 2 plates, so that possible combination can be made according to the user choice.

Kore DM-20KG COMBO16 Adjustable Dumbbells Kit

best adjustable dumbbell

Kore is the last dumbbell in our list of best adjustable dumbbell in India and the second rubber dumbbell with little less price tag and less weight. This dumbbell includes 20 kg of pure rubber weight (3 kg x 4 = 12 kg plus 2 kg x 4 = 8 kg), 2 x 14 inch dumbbell rods with nuts.

Conclusion: That’s all in our section of best adjustable dumbbell in India, As said earlier, if you’re a beginner then it is a good idea to go for a rubber dumbbell, as the rubber dumbbell comes with a very attractive price. We hope this review can help you to choose best dumbbell in India according to your need and price range. If you have any of this item or planning to buy any of these than most share your view in our comment section this can help a lot of online shoppers like you and me.

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