8 Best Air Cooler In India With Buying Guide

This article is following some of the best air cooler in India with buying guide. A cooling machine is must in every Indian household, due to the reason we expose to more heat and humidity during summer season.
And whenever a cooling machine comes in mind, cooler is the first preference for may Indians due to its before and after purchase cost saving factor, easy portability, environment friendly(Don’t releases any harmful gases) working comparing to the AC’s. Before going further lets know some of the features and facts that need to know in a cooler on our buying guide.

Buying guide of air cooler:

These coolers are classified into three types depending on their size and ones requirement preference, let’s know them what are they.
Personal air cooler: As the name says these types of coolers are made for personal use, mean suitable for small- medium sized room as they come with small water tank(20-30 liters of capacity). This type of cooler generally uses blower for cooling and one can get this by spending around 4000 INR to 5000INR in India market.

Desert air cooler:
These coolers come with 30-60 litter of water tank capacity and one can get this at the range of 7000INR to 10,000INR. And a fan is used in this device for cooling purpose.
Tower air cooler:
These are meant for large rooms for the central cooling purpose, that’s why one only going to need this type of cooler if there is more heat present in the atmosphere and the room size is bigger than the normal room.

Now we know about different type of cooler for different purpose, now it’s time to know some features that really matters for a best air cooler.

Air cooler capacity:This is the first most important thing to look for in an air cooler, The cooler capacity need to be chosen depending on the room size, but don’t worry nowadays every manufactures mentions the cooler capacity in terms of sq.ft for easy understanding.

Cooling pads: Cooling pads are responsible for absorbing water molecules and the remain air passes out of it. There are two types of cooling pads mostly used in all cooler, the honey comb cooling pad which is made up of cellulose material, more efficient and require less maintenance than the other one named aspen wood cooling pad.

Water tank size: A large water tank means the machine can work for a long duration of time without refill of the water, and at the same time costs a little more. Some of the high end models even come with empty water tank alarm which makes it easy for the user to fill the water.

Ice cube tray: This feature also comes with only limited devices, in which one can fill ice for more cool air effect.

Remote control: Remote for an air cooler will allow you to control the functions of cooler, so you don’t need to get up again and again to change the cooler functionality.

Speed settings: If you are buying air cooler, you have to look at the speed settings as this allows you to change speed of the fan/blower according to your need for different weather condition.

By considering all the above listed factors, brand presence and the user review, we selected some of the best cooler, have a look at them.

8 Best air cooler in India

1.Symphony Diet 12T 12 -Litre Air Cooler

best air cooler

This symphony cooler is one of the best air cooler in India, uses high quality honey comb for better cooling effect. And the maker of this device claims that the special dura-pump technology of this cooler ensures long lasting performance.

If you’re looking for an air cooler for daily day to day use, at least for summer, then this powerful energy efficient machine is best fit for you, as this can work even with your home inverter.

Dimensions of the product W*H*D: 30cm*33cm*84.5cm.
12 liters of water tank capacity.
Appropriate for 100 sq ft room.
170 w of power,operating voltage 110-230 volts.
Multi directional castor wheels.
Mosquito and dust net is present.
One year of manufacturing warranty.

2.Crompton Marvel PAC201 20 -Liter Personal Air Cooler

best air cooler

This Crompton Marvel is a personal air cooler, is designed by plastic body, 4 castor wheels, 20 liters of water tank capacity and 13.9 kg of total weight. And the perfect ice cube tray is an added benefit to this cooler, All that one can get by just spending 4400INR to 4800INR in India.

Power consumption:130w.
20litter water tank capacity.
Two speed settings.
One year of manufacturer warranty.

3.Bajaj TC 2007 Tower Air cooler (white,37 litres)

best air cooler

This inverter compatible, 200 Sq ft cooling capability based cooler from the well know brand Bajaj is one of the best air cooler to choose for those who looking for an effective branded cooler.
And the large 37 liter water tank with water level indicator makes it easy for the user to see and fill the water from the outside of the cooler.

Power consumption: 175W.
Total 3 speed setting.
Ice cube chamber is available.
Blower based cooler.
Honeycomb cooling media.
Weight is 12.5Kg.
Width x Height x Depth: 30.8 cm x 84 cm x 46.5 cm

4.Hind ware 50 Litre Air cooler

best air cooler

The Hind ware snowcrest powerful air cooler cools the room air in no time and makes your summer joyful with its 190Watt powerful motor and the 50 liter capacity, along with that this desert cooler have three speed control for controlling flow of air.

Ultimately the best feature of this cooler is empty water tank alarm that indicates water level of the water tank makes it easy for users to fill water.


50 liters water tank capacity.
3 speed controls with wood wool cooling pads.
Desert cooler.
Water level indicator.
Four way air deflection.
Inverter compatible.
One year warranty on the product.

5.Symphony Hi cool i 31 -litre Air cooler

best air cooler

If you’re planning to buy timer based, remote control compatible air cooler, then have a look at this cooler form Symphony, smartly serves medium room with its high air delivery capacity of 1750 cubic meter.

Symphony’s dura pump technology ensures durability and the inbuilt ice chamber makes sure the water remains cool whole day for best cooling effect in hot summer.

31 litters of water capacity.
Weight is 9kg.
System restore function.
Mosquito and dust protector.
Empty water tank alarm.
Powerful air fling with auto oscillate.
185 watt of power consumption.
Full function remote with 7 hour timer.
One year warranty.

6.Kenstar Cyclon -1250 -Litre Air cooler (white)

best air cooler

This motorized vertical louvre movement based air cooler cools room uniformly with special wine wood cooling media and cross ventilation, ensures smart cooling. And capable of 45 feet air flow and delivers air at the rate of 2550 m3/hr.

Effectively cools up to 75sq meter area.
Wine wood wool vaporative pads.
Product Dimension W*D*H: 645mm x 53mm x 915mm.
4 way air deflection with three speed settings.
One year of manufacturer warranty.

7.Bajaj Platini PX97 Room Cooler,36 -Liter

best air cooler

This is the second Bajaj product in our best air cooler list, manufactured by thermoplastic material that enhances the shelf life of this device. And the maker of cooler claims that the great motor of this cooler generates less noise comparing other competitors, makes sure comfortable sleep.

150 sq ft of cooling capacity.
100watt power rating.
Inverter compatible cooler.
Cross ventilation for easy circulation of air.
Rust free thermoplastic material made.
36 liters water tank capacity.
One year of warranty.

8.Usha Honey Well CL 601 PM 55 -litre Air cooler

best air cooler

Here we came to an end, this our last product in best cooler in India list, equipped with three large honey comb pads, allows air to be drawn in from three sides for most cooling performance, and 55 litters of large water tank easily can last up 6-7 hours.

Price range: 11900rs- 12500Rs
Desert cooler with three speed settings.
200watt power consumption.
Air flow: 2610 m3/hr.
One year of manufacturing warranty.

Final Words: As you can see we picked all type coolers for review, so that everyone with variable choice can choose the best air cooler at right possible price. If you already have any of these item, or are planning to buy any of them, then please share your review in comment section. This can help a lot online shoppers like you and us.

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