7 Best All In One Printer in India With Buying Guide

Here you going to find 7 best all in one printer in India with buying guide. It’s been a long time that we used to hear one day our world will go paperless, But till now we haven’t reached that state, as official works, students needs little less or more paperwork and to complete this paperwork, printer is a must have device in every office and professional home.

Generally an all in one printer or the MFP (multi function printer) is capable of printing, scanning and copying, furthermore with everyday evolving technology printers have also evolved a lot, and now things can be done at faster rate unlike the old printers.

Before going forward lets gain little knowledge about these devices, which can help you to choose best all in one printer in India.

Buying Guide of All in One Printer

Depending on the type of working process printers fall under two categories.

1 Impact printer: An impact printer generally makes contact with the paper and usually forms the image on the paper by pressing an inked ribbon against it, using pins. These are further classified by several types like Line printer: Printers are generally too slow, whereas these line printers prints a line by line results fast printing, typically print the range of 1200to 6000lines per minute.

Dot-matrix printer: These printers use print heads containing from 9to 24 pins.These pins produce patterns of dot’s on the paper to form the individual characters. The 24 pin dot matrix printer produces more dot’s and produces more quality when compared 9 pin dot printer. This printer typically prints at a speed of 100-600 characters per second.

2 Non-impact printers: These printers can produce characters on the paper without using a striking device because these printers do not hammer against the paper, due to this, these are much quitter. Further these are also several types like Inkjet printers: These printers work in the same fashion as dot-matrix printers in the form images or characters, whereas the dot size is very small formed by tiny droplets of ink. Inkjet printers form character on paper by spraying ink from the nozzles.

The ink particles plot approximately 250 characters per second. The ink is observed into the paper and dries instantly, you can also use various colors, some of these printer comes with all their color links in a cartridge. If you want to replace the color, you must replace all the colors and some ink-jet printers also allow you to replace individually.

Laser printers: Laser printer works like a photocopy machine. The laser beam conveys information from the computer to a positively charge drum to become neutralized and it can print 437 pages per minute, each page containg 48 lines. This is a high speed and high quality printer and these are quite and does not produce disturbing sounds. These are also capable to produce color prints.

Based on the working environment printers classified into 3 types:
1 Networked or shared printers: These are designed for high speed printing and high volume, they can share network with many users, it can print at speed of 45 to 100ppm.
2 Personal printers: These types of printers made up by low volume, short-turnaround print jobs. However, they are generally slow devices to print around 6 to 25 pages per minute.This printer can also print documents stored on memory cards.
3 Virtual printers: This is not an actual printer at all, it’s just a software can be loaded on any computer for different purpose like to create a file which is a picture of the data, to create a PDF to transmit another system, etc. Till now we know printers a little bit, let’s have a look at some of the features of these printers

features that really matters for best all in one printer

Displays: Many printers come with smaller displays on their control panels to interact with the printers, sometimes it makes difficult to handle all type errors, so going for a large display is a good idea, rather than small blinking display.

Built in memory card reader: If you are buying a printer you must have to look for a memory card reader, this is helpful to save the documents you need to print and correct your photos, all without using a computer.

Duplexing: It means two -sided printing, some type of printers offers physical duplexing. This duplexing feature is helpful to save papers, due to its ability to print on both sides of the page and at the same it provides automating reversing document feeder.

Paper Handling: Choice of paper handling capacity of printer varies form person to person depending on a lot of reasons. If a printer haves less paper handling capacity, then every time you need to load paper and it’s really a waste of time.

Touch -Screen display: Touch screen feature is very helpful, because it makes easy to steer your printer and rapidly input data, such as the number of pages you want to print.
3D printers: The 3D printers helpful for making a three dimensional entity from 3D model source [like metals, wood, plastic, etc. ] under computer control.

7 Best All in one printer in India

Considering all the above feature, budget, user review and the product preference, we selected seven best all in one printer to choose form, have look at them.

1. HP Desk Jet Ink Advantage2135 All-in-one printer

Best all in one printer in India

This is one of the network based printer, means this device connect with different devices (like multiple desktop, laptops, etc) with high speed capability. The HP Desk Jet 2135 printer made up of  thermal ink technology that assist thermal energy to warmth ink, thus it is a cost efficient printer.

This HP Desk Jet 2135 is high print quality accommodate printer. It has a capacity of 60 sheets and the final word is, it is a budget friendly,(cost around 4500Rs-5000Rs)compact -sized best all in one printer available in India.


It accommodates print speed 7.5 ppm (for black and white) and 5.5ppm (color).
Maximum print resolution 4800*1200dpi.
All in one compact design to fit where ever you need it .
One year of manufacturing warranty.

2. Samsung SCX-3401 Multi-Function Monochrome laser printer

Best all in one printer in India

Those who are hurry and busy with work, this Samsung SCX-3401 laser printer is good choice for you, with professional quality multitasking printer, it also capable of perform with precise consequence.

This Samsung laser printer accommodates ‘eco ‘mode button , is helpful to preserve energy toner and paper at a specific point of time, ultimately this printer prints with a speed of 20 pages per minute .

Adjustable quality and color settings.
Samsung SCX-3401 is concurrent compact design.
It provides 64 MB RAM facility.
Output type: black and white printer.
1500 page starter magazine.

3. HP Laser Jet M 1005 Multifunction Monochrome Laser printer

Best all in one printer in India

The HP Laser Jet M1005 multi function printer execute multiple functions such as copying, scanning and printing, this type of multi function laser printer is perfect for micro businesses that needs all of these, spin out into single device and it saves more space at your work place, when compared to other printers.

This is one of the speed printer, even whenever printer operates low power condition, and it delivers outstanding standard print at a speed of 14ppm for A4 size sheets .Another great feature of the HP laser printer is the optical character recognition (OCR),assist to transform documents into digital formats.

Power consumption maximum 230W.
Save space, due to its compact size.
Print speed upto14ppm.
The instinctive feature makes the work simpler.
One year of manufacturing warranty.

4. Canon Pixma MG25775 All-in-one Inkjet Printer (blue/white)

Best all in one printer in India

This Canon Pixma printer provides advanced features for executive printing work .This printer can print any type of documents quickly with easy printing and it scan documents up to 600*1200dpi speed and capable of instant print.

Capable of fast printing with printing tempo of approx. 8.0 images per minute (ipm) for black and 4.0 approx. pictures per minute for color, and the quite mode is helpful to print any time without agonize and disturbance.

1280 numbers of nozzles per printing.
Scanning speed 1.2ms per line at 300 DPI grayscale printing.
Incredible quality, high resolution color dpi up to 4800*600.
Vibrant 48-bit color depth.
One year of manufacturing warranty.

5. Epson L380 All-in-one Ink Tank Printer

Best all in one printer in India

Epson ink tank printer made up of 2 additional black and set of color ink bottles that is capable of higher volume printing. It can complete printing within no time with a print speed of 10ipm for black and approx. 5.0 images per minute in color.

It can scan the document quickly and clearly, the copies are completed in just a fraction of second for black and 10 seconds for color printing .Ultra high page yield provides up to 7,500 pages for mono and 4,500 pages for color prints.

Print speed approx. 10.0 images per minute.
Elevated yield black and color ink bottles.
It can print documents in paper size A4,A5,A6 and B5.
Maximum copies 20 and print intention 5760*1440dpi.
One year of manufacturing warranty or up to 30,000 pages, which ever comes first.

6. Canon MF-4750 Monochrome Multifunction laser printer

Best all in one printer in India

This is the second Canon printer in our list of best all in one printer, but with premium features and a higher price tag, it is a compact design with weight is about 14 kg ,that’s why it occupies less space and fit anywhere you need .It is designed with multiple menu options at single time printing and offers premium quality prints.

It can print documents with high speed, nearly 24 pages per minute, it provides space to store heavy files in its internal space and quiet mode are added features. With this printer you’re not going to hear any noise while working. Finally, this is a mono laser multi function printer that can print ,copy, scan and fax .

High quality multi functional printer with quiet mode.
Stylish and compact design with time save printer.
Print speed A4 up to 23ppm.
It provides features like watermark, page compose, toner saver.
One year of manufacture warranty.

7. Kyocera FS-1020 monochrome Multi Function laser printer

Best all in one printer in India

This is the last device in our best all in one printer list and it operates on the operating system window 10. Scan speed for A4 is 300dpi, 20ppm for black and white.

Six images per minute in color printing supports file format TIFF,PDF,JPG and PNG. It made up of a standard memory of 64 MB RAM and paper capacity (80g/m) 250 sheets (supportsA4,A5,A6 and B5 sheets).


Power consumption up to 316W.
Weight of the printer approx. 8.7 kg.
Copy speed (A4) 20 pages per minute original size.
Copy scan resolution 600dpi,400dpi,300dpiand 200dpi original text photo.
Three years of manufacturing warranty.

Final Words: As you can see we picked all type of printer(Like jet ink, laser printer) for review, so that everyone with variable choice can choose the best all in one printer at right possible price. If you already have any of these item, or are planning to buy any of them, then please share your review in comment section. This can help a lot online shoppers like you and us.

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