Best Bath Robes In India 2017: Reviews And Complete Buying Guide

Bathrobe is a type of dressing gown or a housecoat is generally loose, open-fronted gown closed with a fabric belt that is put on over nightwear, or whenever a wearer’s body is wet, serves us both as a towel and an informal garment. Here you can find some of the bathrobes in India.
Bathrobes are also categorized depending on their shape of weave. Different consumers haves different purpose to buy a bath robe which best suit their requirements, here you can find some of the best bath robes reviews and buying guide which may help you to choose the right one for you .

List of some best bath robes available in Indian market

PreviewNamePopularityLatest Price
Luxor Linens Egyptian Cotton Waffle Weave Robe
Napa Super Soft Lounger Microplush Robe
Luxurious Egyptian Cotton Unisex Robe
Coyuchi Organic Cotton Velour Robe
Superior full Bath Robe
FILMAX® ORIGINALS cotton Bath Robe
Loomkart Unisex Bath Robe
Skumars Love Touch

 Why one should need a bath robe? 

You may know the robe and bath robe are two different things, Bath robes are something as a sort of towel which is used to dry our body after bath where as the normal robes are used over the pajamas to reduce cold or to go down stare instantly. You can replace any one of these to other as there is not much difference but the only difficulty is the material used in the bath robes mainly absorbs wet from the body and much comfortable then using the towel to dry our body. These are easy to maintain and lasts a long time.

 How to choose a right bath robe? 

Consider the material used in the bath robe

If you decided to replace your towel with your bath robes then most look for a high quality material which can easily absorb the wet from your body after bath.


Bath robes generally lies just below the knees choose accordingly with you height so that these robes don’t trails on the ground. And the bath robe should be loose but the sleeves should fit to you size.

Consider the Style

Bath robes comes with different styles, some comes closing the robe with bottoms and some to tie around the waist which leaves your neck and chest open which you may do not like and some of them also comes with pockets which you may prefer so choose accordingly.


Probably this may the first thing to consider because depending on your budget only the quality depends, If you are buying the bath robe for the first time then go for a low to medium budget bath robes so that you can experience the difference and the right features you need then after knowing all your needs go for a premium quality product.

Let’ have a detailed review of each bath robe listed above

1.Luxor Linens Egyptian Cotton Waffle Weave Robe
best bath robes                                          Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

Luxor Linens Egyptian Cotton Waffle Weave Robe, is one best  bath Robe from Luxor Linens. Luxor linens offer the softest and best quality all the time no matter the occasion. They used Egyptian cotton made in turkey and embroidered in the USA for this robe, which can also displayed on the wedding table on the wedding day and in the wedding photographs for extra special details and wedding memorabilia unlikely any other normal bath robe.


• Excellent quality material used to make this product which makes you feel much comfortable.
• This robe can be used for multipurpose.
• You can gift this robe as a marriage gift.


• Expensive but it deserves the price due to its quality.

2.Napa Super Soft Lounger Microplush Robe
best bath robes                                      Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

Robe may be not the perfect word to describe this product, you may call it as blanket with slaves but after using this you will say that this can put the robe backward as this is the best suite for the people who uses robe as night wear or the person who like to sleep with only the robe on their body. this robe feels super comfortable as it comes in free size which can fit anyone.


• Makes you warm and cozy.
• This is also haves pockets on the front where you can anything that you like.
• Attractive design.
• Not much thick which makes you feel comfort even when you watching TV or doing work by sitting on table.

• If You looking for a typical bath robe which can be used after bath to soak wet from body then this robe is not perfect for you.

3.Luxurious Egyptian Cotton Unisex Robe
best bath robes                                       Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

This is another best bath robe which is made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton, this robe is unisex which can be used for both men and women. It comes 52″ Long x 53″ Wide and has terry belt of length 73″ which can be used to tie around your waist and having two pockets and adjustable sleeves that can be folded back for style and comfort. The robe can be washed by both machine wash and dry wash.

• Pure cotton used to make this robe.
• Robe is machine washable.
• Can be used both by men and women.
• Due to its light weight can be easily carried to any place when you need it.


• The look and the design of the robe does not suites for nightwear

4.Coyuchi Organic Cotton Velour Robe
best bath robes                                          Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

Cover up yourself with the newly available coyuchi bath robe which may full fill all your need of bath robe as it made with pure cotton with an approximate size of 46 x 31 x 17 cm and weight of 1.9 Kilograms.

5.Superior full Bath Robe
best bath robes                                           Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

This bath robe is from Superior brand, which is made up of a soft terry towel cotton material to make it more soft and more absorbent,which can absorb water,making it a great choice to wear right after your shower or bath. It falls at knee-length height. Just have yourself into this and this will take care of all the wetness after your bath.


• superior is well known brand in india.
• Affordable price range.


• Poly cotton is used in this robe which may not be liked by many consumers as on quality concerns.

6.FILMAX® ORIGINALS cotton Bath Robe
best bath robes                                         Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

Filmax® Originals bath robe is crafted From a light weight quality fabric and this robe Features Short Sleeves And an open front with a waist belt to hold it in place with a pocket. This bath robe is made up of a cotton, crafted to pamper skin more soft and more absorbent. It absorbs water easily, making it a great choice to wear right after the shower or bath. It comes in free size of 105 cm length which fits almost all adults.


• Soft, Light weighted and feels very comfortable.
• Crafted From A Light Weight High Quality Fabric.
• Having pockets and sleeves of good length.
• Free size suitable for all adults.


• Not much popular as compare to other brands

7. Loomkart Unisex Bath Robe
best bath robes                                                Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

It is a unisex bath robe listed on our best bath robe, which is an average size having Length-48 inch,width-54 inch and the total weight of the bathrobe comes under 1200gm-1300gm due to this can be easily handled over the time of washing and in such a event of travelling to relatives place. It can be washed using machine wash which is more easy to maintain it.

 Likes  • Affordable price.
• Easy to carry and wash.
• Nice product to start with a first bath robe.


• Little thicker, this cannot be used in summer.

8.Skumars Love Touch
best bath robes                                           Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

This is another simple and cheaper best bath robe, with a size of 48 inch from top to bottom and can be maintained easily which can be washed using machine wash or dry wash but the robe may be not suitable for bleaching ,so if your interested in than take care of this part.

Final words:

Hoping that these reviews can help you to choose best bath robe at right price.If you already have any of these items or planing to buy any of them then must share your review in comment section, this can help a lot online shoppers like you and me.


All numbers mentioned here was not denotes any priority, those are only the serial numbers. The editors choice and Popularity mentioned here were decided by many factors like consumer Preference, Duration of presence of the product, reviews submitted by consumers, price for the features and many more.

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