10 Best Beard Styles For Men In 2017

The following is some of the best beard styles for men, that has also been donned by our favorite actors. The age of Vikings is back. And now, instead of dragons they ride heavy vehicles. Instead of their Viking armour, they wear leather jackets and boots. They don’t carry their heavy swords anymore. But, the one thing that has not changed in ages, is its bushiness, the great, the gold, theeeee *BEARD*.  Yussssss! the age of beard has taken over.  ba-dummmm-tssssss.

From celebrities to every common man, the word manliness is defined by their beard. But, with great beard, comes the great responsibility of carrying it with the sexiness it deserves. Flaunting a great beard is not every layman’s play. A lot of factors have to be taken into consideration, before going for any beard styles. The foremost being, your face shape. Ignoring the face shape while choosing any beard style for oneself is a blunder and heavily common in our planet.

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Ten beard styles for you to choose from

  1. Stubble beard:

Stubble beard

There are a lot of stubble beard styles in the market, like the traditional stubble, heavy stubble, professional long stubble and others. Our very own Bataffleck donned the casual stubble all throughout the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice promotions. All the forms of stubble go the best with oval face shapes. If you happen to have an oval shape face, then you can experiment with the different types of stubbles to come up with your signature.


  1. Balbo beard:

Balbo beard

At least once in your beard life, you would have tried to wear the beard like Tony Stark a.k.a Robert Downey Jr. The Balbo style beard gives a shrill definition to your jawline, and it best suits the diamond face shapes.

  1. Bald Head with Beard:

Bald Head with Beard

Bald head looks good on people with oval or round face shapes. And, if you wish to add more manliness and brut that would complement the bald head, then the thin circular beard or an undercut full beard is sure to fulfil your demand. And, I have one question for you all. DO you smell what the Rock is cooking?

  1. The Goatee:

The Goatee

People with round face shapes, who wish to give a bit extension to their jaw length can experiment with the goatee. Christian Bale looked all set to bowl out everyone with his broken batman goatee look in the third instalment of Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Goatee also goes well with long chins and less-broad jawlines.

  1. Salt and Pepper:

Salt and Pepper beard

If there is any kind of beard style that suits your face and face shape, then the salt and pepper is surely going to go well with you. This one grows naturally, as you age, and gives you the look of a silver surfer. The alternative can be to go to a hair colorist and have them dye your beard with light shades of approximating grey, but the best salt and pepper beard is the one that grows naturally.

Looking for an inspiration? Ever heard of George Clooney? Duh!

  1. JAson Mamoa Aquaman style:

JAson Mamoa Aquaman style

Before Jason Mamoa took over the mantle as our new Aqua man, the character was a butt of all jokes. Cut to the time, when the first look of Jason Mamoa as Aqua man was revealed, and the character became the most sexy one and loved of all the Justice League (I M BATMAN). The extended goatee beard styles with dark blonde hair is sure to sway away even the sexiest women on this planet. Diamond and Oval face shape creatures are the ones, with whom this style is going to go all the way.

  1. Three-day beard:

Three-day beard

If you do not like long beard on yourself, but still find yourself carving to have a beard style, then the three-day beard is the one for you. Just let your beard grow for a couple of days, and groom the sides, under chin and all the edges, and you are all set to go. Out of all the beard styles, this one is evergreen, because it demands very less efforts. Inspiration? Ryan Gosling, how would he be?

Suitable for: Suits every face shape.

  1. Bandholz:


The manliest of all beard styles, after the Viking beard styles, is the bandholz. Also, the bandholz are good to rub, when you need to provoke a thought (Lol). This is one of the most difficult beard styles to maintain, and thus, need to be trimmed and groomed frequently. This is one of the best options for you, if you have a double chin. The Bandholz beard styles go well with round and square face shapes.

  1. Friendly Mutton Chops:

Friendly Mutton Chops

Wolverine! This one word must be sufficient to give you an idea about what mutton chop beard styles represent. Hugh Jackman donned this beard styles for 17 years while playing Logan a.k.a Wolverine (We will miss the wolverine in you, Hugh!). It goes well with diamond or oblong face shapes.

10.Clean Shaven:

Clean Shaven

Here! I say it. If you cannot grow a good beard, don’t grow it. You are better off with a beard than with a messy one. Go for the clean shave beard styles.


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    Yes, you’re absolutely right Shyam, there is no generational distinction, for beard style.

  2. It appears Greatest beards are trending in males’s style in 2017, no significantly, we now have graphs that show it. This so-known as “generational distinction” is considerably non-existent, and extra millennials and folk from technology-x are sporting beards of varied sizes and form.

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