5 Best Coolnut Power Bank In India

COOLNUT, gained popularity and plentiful experience in manufacturing, assembling and distribution of advanced, latest technology based and durable power banks, makes them stand tall in the crowd of power bank market.Here you can find 5 best Coolnut power bank Reviews which may help you to choose the right Coolnut power bank.

Company claims that they use A+ grade, Li-ion battery and their portable chargers are infused with high conversion rate and serve optimum protection against charging hazards. The manufacturer also claims that, their all operational materials undergo a careful inspection to ensure complete stability. After invention, They check the performance of power banks for complete satisfaction, before handing it over to their esteemed customers. They believe in ‘No quality compromise ever’. In this post you can find five best coolnut power bank reviews among all available coolnut power bank.

Before choosing any power bank, We want you to know that selecting a power bank relies on many factors and feature, therefore we advise you to compare all the merits and demerits before choosing.

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                              Some of the best selling Coolnut power bank reviews

1.Coolnut 20000mAh Power Bank(Black)

Due to the adaptation and first growing advanced technology, Everyone owns and uses high-end gadgets. And for your exclusive collections of gadgets, power bank is must needed to keep them running all the time.

But it’s commonly seen, The major problem user come across using an ordinary power banks is its slow charging speed to their mobile and as well as recharging itself. So,to change your dissatisfaction and long time taking charging practice into a super fast charging experience. Coolnut 20000mAh is one of the best Power Bank is providing you the best, high performance with premium quality Triple USB output.  This device made with best premium quality ABS+PC material with elegant and brilliant looks, It shell case also offers great strength for long duration.


best coolnut power bankWhat we like in Coolnut 20000mAh power bank
1.Huge capacity of 20000mAh with original Li-ion battery, can charge a normal mobile gadget up to 6 times.
2.Triple USB output port, to charge up to 3 devices at the same time with a maximum of 2.1A output power.
3.Incorporated with IC protection and 7 layers multilevel charging-discharging mechanism to completely safeguard your charging devices.
4.Built-in 4 LED indicators, displays battery percentage and an LED flashlight, brightly turn the dark or low light conditions into a strong glow, that just doubles your excitement.
5.Lightweight, you can carry wherever you want.

What we don’t Like
1.Takes considerably more time for charging.
2.Adapter is not included with this pack.

2.Coolnet High Performance Solar 12500 Best Power

With the modest battery life of most smartphones and tablets, It is always very important to carry a good quality Power Bank. And Coolnut provides us some of the best featuring Power bank in India. Coolnut 12500mAh power bank with dual USB output, holds enough power to charge your devices at a maximum of 2.1A output power rating. It features innovative and additional solar panel system that recharges the Power Bank through direct sunlight in a few days of time. It also comes with another input charging port for convenient electric recharging.


What we like in Coolnut Solar 12500mAh power bankbest coolnut power bank

1.Stylish and compact design with 12500mAh battery, to charge your gadgets multiple times.
2.Dual USB output ports to charge two mobile gadgets simultaneously.
3.Unique solar panel power bank, to charge the device in sunlight in normal or emergency situations.
4. Seven protection circuit  including Over discharge, Over charge,Over current,Stable voltage,Short circuit,Overheating and Insulation safety, provided for safety purpose.
5.Four LED Power indicators display the battery status and an inbuilt powerful LED flashlight.
6.Weight of 299g,You can carry anywhere.

What we don’t like

1.Takes Considerably more time for charging, from both sunlight and electric power outlet.

3.Coolnut Power Bank 13000mAh Complete Kit With 3 Micro USB cable And Adapter

If you want stylish, premium class and compact portable power bank, packed with advanced technology feature, provides large amount of power to keep your gadgets running, Then what you waiting for? Go for Coolnut dual USB output Power Bank, specially invented to fast charge your devices with a maximum of 2.1A output.The rounded edges make it pretty comfortable to hold.


best coolnut power bankWhat we Like In Coolnut 13000mAh power bank

1.Battery capacity of 13000mAh, with original Li-ion cell technology for convenient charging.
2.Dual USB output to charge 2 gadgets simultaneously for multiple times.
3.Several safety measures, including IC protection, Intelligent PCBs, 7 multilayer Overcharge-discharge Protection with Auto-off feature, automatically shut down when not in use.
4.Coolnut Long Cable(90 cm), conveniently charge your device, Keeping the power bank wherever you want and Coolnut charging adapter for fast recharge of Power Bank with 3 micro USB cable included in the pack.
5. 4-LED power indicators and movable LED-flashlight to completely light-up and provide a rich glow to your dark and low light environments.

What we don’t like

Many customers complained, that its power button goes OFF midway while charging and charging speed is very slow.

4.Coolnut 20000mAh Power Bank with Dual USB Output

Do you really feel desperate of having a very high capacity of power bank, that can easily and ideally fulfill your need of charging multiple devices simultaneously?Then Coolnut 20000mAh with Dual USB output, is all you need. this power bank is a really beautiful And an eye- catching glossy black checkered pattern, designed with ABS+PC shell case. It come with the maximum of 2A high- speed charging technology to charge your devices in short time.


What we Like In Coolnut 20000mAh power bank with Dual USB Outputbest coolnut power bank

1.Capacity of 20000mAh, Li-ion cell to charge your gadgets multiple times.
2. Dual output USB port to charge 2 devices simultaneously.
3. Advanced 1.5A input fast recharging mechanism, power bank also takes charging in very less time with its fast charging technology.
4. Seven layer protective cover with an overload, cutoff protection feature.
5. Four LED indicators and a high- powered LED flashlight to glow your dark condition anytime.
6. 2A high-speed charging technology to charge your devices in short time.

What we Don’t Like
Many consumers complained, It actually doesn’t gives backup of 20000mAh to their gadgets.

5.Coolnut CMPBSUN-25 5200mAh Power Bank(Grey)

Have you always failed to find a cost effective and fast charging portable power bank that gives excellent performance? Then Coolnut 5200mAh premium quality Power bank with incredible features at a reasonable price, is the best choice and must keep gadget for you.

It comes with high speed charging USB output port that charges your smartphone or any other digital gadgets with a maximum of 2A output. Specially designed with advanced 1.5A input technology, recharges itself in a short spell of time. At the same time it made up of with the best durable ABS material, shaped in a crush proof design, promises to serve you with an excellent long lasting service.


best coolnut power bankWhat we like In Coolnut 5200mAh power bank

1.Capacity of 5200mAh, original Li-ion battery to charge your gadgets, So you can enjoy your Long road trip or hiking trip hassle-free.
2.1.5A input, recharges itself in a short spell of time.
3. 7 Layer protection for high and low voltage risk and intelligently turns itself off within a few seconds, if there’s nothing plugged in to charge.
4. 4-LED smart indicator, Which shows you how much power remains for more charging.
5.Powerful LED flashlight makes convenient when emergency lightening situations happens.
6.Weight is all about 136g, so that it is very easy to take it with you wherever and whenever you want.

What we Don’t like

1. Only 1 output USB port, So you can’t charge more then one device at a time.

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