10 Best Cricket Bat In India 2018 With Buying Guide

best cricket bat

While researching on the best cricket bat in India, we got nostalgic remembering the times, when the best part of the day would be when we would play cricket.
Many seasons come and go. But, one season that stays forever in India is the season of cricket. Call it a religion or a sport or madness, the cricketing spirit of India gives tough challenge to any other sport in the world (Yes! Even football). You may like our selected popular cricket bat by brand and cricket bat by price range .
It is common here to see young kids, who have not even learnt to hold a pen, holding one of the best cricket bat of their own size and trying to hit the famous helicopter shot like M.S. Dhoni. And, as the kids grow up, some of them find their passion in this sport. This is how the cricketing spirit of India has ever held itself up, since the time Bhuwan from Lagaan hit a six at the last ball to save his village from paying ‘do-guna lagaan’ (just kidding).
Comin back to the point, let us start from the bottom and understand:

Cricket bat buying guide

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What is a Cricket Bat?

A cricket bat is a wooden equipment that is used in the game of cricket to hit the ball. A cricket bat typically consists of a cane handle attached to a flat willow-wood blade. The maximum length and breadth of a cricket bat is 38 inches and 4.25 inches respectively.

While you are looking to buy the best cricket bat within your budget, these are some important features/ technical aspects of a cricket bat, you must pay attention to:

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The best cricket bat in India is manufactured using two types of willow wood materials, namely English Willow and Kashmir Willow. Also, some cricket bat manufacturers use different types of reinforcements in the handle of their bat to provide more power in the hitting zone. The reinforcements may be of carbon fibre or sometimes titanium.

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Shape, Size and Bow of the Cricket bat:

Bow of the bat can depend upon the comfort of the player. Some players may go for larger bow and thicker edges to generate more hitting from the bat. Look for natural finish in the cricket bat. The best cricket bat has an anti-scruff cover or face tape at the lower willow.
The handle of the bat will also depend on your preference, whether you want a long handle or a short handle in your bat.
The cricket bat size will depend on the height and strength of the batsmen.

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Design features:

In addition to the size and material specifications, you must also pay attention to the design of the bat. The best cricket bat in India come with two types of face, namely covered face, in which the grain of the bat is showing, and uncovered face, in which the blade of the bat is hidden. Also, look for the number of grains in the bat as per your preference.
The best cricket bat is made up of Grade 1+ willow wood, and the other good ones come in G1 [A], G2 [B], G3 [C], and G4 willow grades.

Based on the features discussed about the best cricket bat in India, we have come up with a list of cricket bat that will suit your need and budget at the same time.

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SG Sierra 350 English Willow Cricket Bat

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As the name of this bat suggests, it is made up of English willow, which is one of the best materials used for manufacturing the best cricket bats all around the world.
The manufacturers claim that this bat has been traditionally designed to provide maximum stability while playing hard-hitting strokes. Thick edges and curved blade and higher sweet spot provided for destructive precision.
Talking about its handle, it is reinforced with imported sarawak cane which provides power to your strokes and maintains the stability of the bat.

Notable features
• Price Range: Rs. 8500-9000.
• English willow wood material.
• Suits for advanced Playing level.
• Sarawak Cane Reinforcement in Handle.
• Age group 15 years and above.

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SS Magnum English Willow Cricket Bat


SS cricket bat


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Another English willow wood bat in our list, with little less price tag and for the age group of 16 and above, But you can also choose the handle size on shopping site, If you want to buy this bat for your kid.

To reduce any form of condensation in the material, this bat is ensured with a breathable hydrophilic coating.

This SS Magnum cricket bat comes in the category of best tennis ball cricket bat. It comes with a scale grip and has concave edges.

Notable Features
• Price range: 750-2200.
• Available in 4 different size.
• English Willow Wood Material.
• Concave Edges.
• Scale grip.
• Breathable Hydrophilic Coating.

Why we consider this as best cricket bat in India
With good reviews from the users and better stroke quality than most other cricket bat, we give this product a 3.7 rating on our popularity meter.

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Gray Nicolls Kaboom Cricket Bat

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A short handle cricket bat made up of English willow, this cricket bat has been designed especially for high-scoring matches. Gray Nicolls seemed to be pretty much impressed with David Warner style of batting, which happened to inspire him to create Kaboom.

Large face profile and massive edges is what gives this cricket bat its strength and helps you clear any ground. This bat is ideal for players above 15 years of age.

Notable features

  • Age group: 15 years and above.
  • Price Range: Rs 2,200 and above.
  •  For leather ball plays
  •  Light weighted (700-1200 grms).
  •  English Willow Wood Material.
  •  Toe Guard.
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SS Gladiator English Willow Cricket Bat


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If you’re looking for a premium Cricket bat, then here it is the SS Gadiator, Although SS bats haves little more grains, if you concern the performance more then the look then go for it.

At the price range of Rs 6000- 32000, you can use this bat for leather ball plays. Speaking about its specifications, the huge concave edge delivers super rebound quality, Also equipped specially designed auqa grip.

Notable features

Suitable for leather ball play.
Short handle model comes with 1.2 kg weight.
Round handle.
Suitable for age group 15 years and above.
English willow wood material.

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GM Sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

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There are people out there who believes previous user review more then anything, if you one of them then this GM sting bat is for you, as this got an average of 4 star out of 5 stat from above 200 customers and at the time of writing this, this bat is also the Amazon’s choice in its category.

If you look at the specifications it says, they made it for the age group 14 years and above with the weight range of 1175grm to 1300grms, medium quality Kashmir willow, medium to low sweet spots.

Notable features:

  • Price range: 1350- 1400 INR.
  • Bat height: 33.4 inch
  • Handle Height: 11.4 inch
  • Edge Thickness: 1.25
  • Come with toe guard.
  • Kashmir willow wood.
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Adidas LIBRO CX11 Cricket Bat



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Adidas bats are known for their class. This Adidas LIBRO CX11 Kashmir-Willow Cricket Bat is one of the best cricket bat in India considering its reception by the consumers.

It is a short handle based bat, made up of Kashmir willow wood. The handle of the bat is reinforced with cane to provide better shock absorption and power to the stroke thus, suitable for beginners too.

Notable features
• Price Range: Rs 1400 INR and above.
• Weight: 1250 gms.
• Kashmir Willow Wood Material.
• Cover included with the purchase.
• Full-length cover with straps.
• 3 Stripes chevron grip.
• Cane Handle.

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SG Cobra Gold Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat



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Made from medium quality Kashmir willow, the SG Cobra Gold Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat  is known for its great hitting strokes. It is one of the best buy for the hitters.

Its traditional shape, face profile and bow gives it great strength and stability. It made with Sarawak cane material and the weight ranges from 1160-1210 grams.

Notable features

• Suitable for the age group of 15 years and above.
• Good for Hard Hitters.
• Price Range: Rs 950-3000.
• Great Bow and Face profile for stability.

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Kookaburra English Willow Cricket Bat



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Kookaburra is a famous Australian cricket equipment manufacturing brand known for producing best cricket bat. We had to have one Kookaburra bat on our list.

This cricket bat is manufactured using English Willow wood, and it comprises of a round shaped handle. Age group 14 years and above are the ideal ones to use this bat.

This is one light weight bat, weighing around 600-1100 grams. Its massive big edge profile increases the sweet spot of the bat, which results in better strokes.

Notable features
• Price Range: Rs 1300 and above.
• English Willow Wood Material.
• Suitable for leather ball.
• Super Spine Profile.
• Anti-scuff sheet.
• Sarawak cane material handle.
• Fine Edge profile.

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DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat


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The material used in this bat is a medium grade willow wood with fibre glass tape. Talking about its size specifications, the 33.4 inches’ height of this cricket bat makes it very popular among the kids of age 12-15 years. The handle of the bat is 11.4 inches long and the thickness of the edge of the bat is 1.25 inches.

The scalp of this bat is cut off to maintain the stability of the bat while playing and control the weight of the bat. Speaking of its face profile, it is round faced and well pressed.

Notable features

DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat, Short Handle.
• Price range: Rs 1200-1400.
• Medium grade willow with fibre glass tape.
• Bat height: 33.4 inches.
• Handle height: 11.4 inches.
• Thickness of the Edge: 1.25 inches.
• Cut Off Scalp.
• Round Face and Well pressed.

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New Balance Poplar Willow Cricket Bat


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This is one of the most selling cricket bat in India(Sold more then 1000 Units on Flipkart) May be due to its lower price.

This New Balance cricket bat is made up of a willow different from the ones used in the rest of the bats in our list, which is poplar willow. This is one of the best tennis ball cricket bat available in the price range of less than a Five hundred bucks.

It’s a light weight product, makes it ideal for the kids of age group 7-12 years.

Notable features
• Price Range: less than Rs 500.
• Poplar Willow Wood material.
• Curved blade
• Idea for tennis ball play.

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Final words:

That’s all in our section of best cricket bat in India. We hope that these reviews can help you to choose best cricket bat at the right possible price. If you already have any of these items, or are planning to buy any of them, then don’t forget to share your review in comment section. This can help a lot online shoppers like you and us.

  1. Reply
    Ravi Jariwala at

    I am confused between Spartan & new balance & kookaburra which is best in Kashmir willow & from which online site should i go to buy it? Tell me also series of brand bat which should i buy like nb dc 480 or verve pro 100 etc plz suggest

    • Reply
      Siddharth at

      Spartan Bats are costly recently bought online from spartan’s website but quality is fantastic. You should also consider FLX cricket bats they are total Value for Money.

    • Reply
      Review Team at

      Hello Ravi,
      We thing Kookabura is good. And let clear something that we are not any cricket bat specialist to say what bat is best, We are just picking product considering their review from various sites and compares their price to make it easy for our visitor, so that one don’t need to visit several website to see price and read reviews. Hope you understand.

  2. Reply
    Muthu krishnan at

    Gray Nicolls I prefer….
    One of the fun bats I have played with!!

  3. Loved the way, you explained every minute details … well if you ask me, i will choose Kukaborra over other. ( well its my personal opinion) XD

  4. Which company bat should i buy plz help me sg or ss and kookabura

    • Reply
      Review Team at

      Hello Ipshit,
      If you’re buying a bat for the first time and have beginner level of skills, then go for Kookabura, otherwise SG is great of all purpose.

  5. Reply
    Mohan deep at

    Are selected willow cricket bats fake..Ihave bought a bat writen selected willow

    • Reply
      Review Team at

      Hello Mohan,
      We not sure what is the selected willow is. May be you already know that many popular brand uses either English or Kashmir willow wood material to produce cricket bats worldwide. It’s better to choose either of the two willow from a good manufacturer.

  6. Reply
    Mayank at

    Kukaborra bat is one most famous bat in India and Australia

    • Reply
      Review Team at

      Thank you Mayank, for taking time to express your view. This definitely going to help many cricket fans in our India.

  7. Reply
    Akhilesh at

    ANTHEM is one of the best cricket bat available in India, it will become your favorite once you using it.

    • Reply
      Review Team at

      Thank you for your honest review.

  8. Reply
    Ayush Raj at

    I have a queation….that …..How i can find that ..the bat is kashimiri willow or not..bz some of shopkeeper paste wrong label…….

    • Reply
      Review Team at

      Go for a well known cricket bat manufacturer, like MRF, SS, SG. So that won’t be cheated. If you find anything duplicate than you can file a case against the brand.

  9. Reply
    Review Team at

    Hey Buvanesh,
    We glad you liked the post, and really appreciate your comment.

  10. Thanks for more details..
    I took an initiative on doing the same – rightly choosing the bat and somehow succeed..
    Getting a right bat is so tough nowadays as lot of fakes and dummies are out.

    Thanks to the other page which helped me in finding the right bat too.

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