7 Best Epilator In India With Buying Guide

Here you can find some of the best epilator in India with buying guide. Hair removal becomes expensive and frustrating in many cases, this is where an epilator comes in handy. What is an epilator?: This is an electrical device with rotating motor, similar to the shaver, but the only difference is it uses small tweezers so that instate of simple slicing of hair, epilator is capable of removing hair from the root.

These devices come in many sizes and shapes to suit many purpose like some are best for sensitive area, some are best for legs and some works for whole body grooming. But before choosing an epilator there are certain features and factors that one need to know about these devices, let’ know them.

Buying guide of epilator

Power: In case of epilator the power directly resembles the number of tweezers present in the device, mean, if there is more number of tweezers then the epilator capable of removing maximum hair in a single pass and vice versa, that’s why power is must to have a look in every epilator before buying.

Dry or Wet and Dry: Dry epilator are cost effective where as the wet and dry model going to cost you a little more, as they can also be used in under shower and we already know that the hot water opens our skin pores thus results less pain.

Corded or Cordless: This is completely depends on the user choice, but the cordless device feels more comfort and convenient compared to the corded one, and of course if you opted for wet and dry model then this must be a cordless and going last an average of 40 minutes.

Inbuilt light: It may sounds crazy, but having an inbuilt light ensures that you can clearly see every hair is removing or not, during the removal process.
Washable head: This makes sure that the device your using more hygienic and ensure longer shelf life.

Speed settings: Mostly epilators comes with single speed. but nowadays there are presence of multiple speed settings that suits every types of hair by varying the intensity of the device.

That’s all, considering all the above features, brand presence and the previous buyer review, we selected some of the epilators, have a look.

7 Best epilator in India

1.Braun Silk Epil 1/1170 Epilator

best epilator in India

Braun is one of the well known brand that produces a wide range of Epilators to fulfill every type of consumer need, This Silk Epil 1/1170 epilator is one of the best epilator in India considering its price for features.
And the maker claims that this device is capable of removing hair form the root even as short as 0.5mm with its rotating tweezers, makes this device worth to have look at this price range.

Notable features:
20 number of tweezers.
Epilator with cord.
1 speed setting with 240V adaptor.
2 years of manufacturer warranty.

2.Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6421/00

best epilator in India

This round shaped Philips Epilator with cap cover perfectly going to fit in anyone’s hand and ensures gentle epilation on sensitive areas, apart from that the detachable head is easy to clean and makes this device more hygiene.
And the small cleaning brush helps to remove loose hair and any dust particles from the epilator within quick time, so that one can use instantly.

Notable features:
2 speed settings.
Corded epilator.
Two meter long cord.
20 number of tweezers.
Speed 1 pulling action/sec: 600
Speed 2 pulling action/sec: 733
Two years of warranty.

3.Braun SE9-961 Epilator

best epilator in India

This Braun SE9-961 is one of the premium all in one epilator available in India, going to cost you around 9000Inr, one can use this device for leg, body and face too with its 6 extra easily changeable caps. Six changeable caps include a shaver head, a trimming cap, facial cap, skin contact cap, and an exfoliation brush head.
Some of the smart features like the sonic exfoliation delivers more than 3000 vibrations per minute for extra gentle epilation effect and the smart light makes it visible even the extra fine hair for throughout hair removal.

Notable features:
Wet and dry epilator.
40% wider epilation head.
40 number of tweezers.
2 years of warranty.
1 hour charging time lasts 40 minutes.

4.Panasonic ES-WU11G Epilator

best epilator in India

The compact, colorful design of this epilator with 30% faster rotation disk makes sure one do the epilation job at faster rate with its wide and efficient tweezers, and 2100 Inr all you need to get one of this epilator.

Notable features:
One replacement head.
Dry epilator.
Single speed device.
24 months of warranty

5.Philips BRE630/00 Wet and Dry Epilator

best epilator in India

This is the second product from the Philips brand in our list of best epilator in India, but this time with little high price tag and more features. Talking about its features this device is capable of removing as short as 0.5mm length of hair. And lastly the 30mm wide head of this device, ensures optimal hair removal in one stroke.

Notable features:
Wet and dry epilator.
Inbuilt light.
90 minutes of recharge time.
2 speed settings.
5 number of attachments.
2 years of warranty.

6.Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Wet & Dry Cordless Epilator

best epilator in India

The main reason we picked this Braun epilator is due to its popularity, this epilator got 4.4 star out of 5 from around 600 verified buyers on Flipkart, clearly indicates that this the peoples choice product.

Notable features:
Water proof cordless epilator.
Close grip technology.
Comes with 6 extras.
40 numbers of tweezers.
2 years of warranty.

7.Kemei Rechargeable KM-280R Shaver Epilators

best epilator in India

Here it comes, this is the last product in our list of best epilator in India, and at the same time one of the cheapest device in the market, that one can get by just spending around 400Inr.Listed only for beginners, those who want to buy an epilator for the first time and experience what this device actually is.

Final word: That’s all in our section of best epilator in India, as you can see we listed all types of epilator varying from price to features, so that everyone with variable preference can choose the right epilator. If you already have any of these above listed device or planning to buy any of them, then do share your view this can help a lot of online shoppers like you and us.

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