Best Floor Carpet In India 2017: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

Carpet which is also called as rug in many places, is mainly designed for floor covering are used in many industrial and commercial establishments such as retail stores and hotels and in private homes.Here you can find some of the best floor carpet in India.

These carpets are generally consists of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing. The pile part is mainly made from wool, nylon or polyester. carpets are used for many purposes including making a room more comfortable by its looks and as a place to sit whenever needed, it helps a person’s feet to feel warm, reduces the sound of walking and many more things.

Here is some of the best floor carpet listed below

PreviewNameLatest Price
HOME ELITE Brown Colored Traditional Design Jute Filling Sheet Carpet Store
Purpledip All-Season Area Rug / Carpet / Dhurrie in Wool - "Cosmic Waves": Handwoven by master artisans Store
HOME ELITE Black Ethnic Design Velvet Touch Carpet Store
Yellow Weaves Brown Geomatric Nylon Carpet Store

 1.Benefits of using a carpet 


The piles present in the carpets helps quickly to settle the indoor dust for some extent and the dust further is not going to distribute to incoming air. By reducing Presence of dust in our indoor helps us to reduce the exposure for different kind of dust allergies.


Presence of carpet decreases the chances of slippage which is highly beneficial for infant and elders of our house. Even in case of fall presence of carpet lowers the chance of injuries.

Energy saving

Carpet made from high quality material helps to keep room warm in this way you can save energy instate of using heater all the time.

sound pollution

Carpets are known to absorb noise for some extent which helps to reduce sound pollution in our home

 2.Things to know before buying a carpet 

Pile Layer

Pile layer is the upper layer of the carpet, you need to know the material used to make the pile layer, because knowing this can help you to know how long lasting a carpet is going to be and depending on material you can judge are you paying right price for the carpet or you paying more.


We are mainly buying a carpet to improve the look of our room that’s why color play an important role because every color doesn’t suites for every room. Depending on other things present in the room you have to choose you color so that it best match your rooms look.

Strain protection

It is very usual that knowingly or unknowingly (by our kids) you carpet may face different types of strains. Carpets comes with various level of strain protections so choose accordingly which best suit your need.

Let’s have a detailed review of each floor carpet listed above

1.HOME ELITE Brown Colored Traditional Design Jute Filling Sheet Carpet

best floor carpet                                        Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

HOME ELITE is one of the leading home furnishing brand in India, this beautiful carpet will not only add a dash of color and vibrancy to your home but also will fetch admiration and compliments. Bring home this beautiful product and get ready to mesmerize one and all.

It is type of layer quilted carpet : Upper layer – Polyester Fabric; Middle Layer-Jute Sheet ; Lower layer-Non Woven which is washable by professional cleaning or spot cleaning Only


• Can be used as a picnic mats as the carpet is easy to carry and handle.
• Comes with Jute filling unlike other cheap carpet filling of cotton waste.
• Machine Made; Binding On Edges; Easy maintenance.
• Stitching quality seems to be very good.


• The carpet upper layer looks like a printed cloth – not like proper carpets.
• Not made for rough use.

2.Purpledip All-Season Area Rug / Carpet / Dhurrie in Wool – “Cosmic Waves”: Handwoven by master artisans

best floor carpet                                          Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

Add a touch of lightness to your living spaces with this beautifully hand woven rug – livens up any part of your home . The weave allows the rug to breath at all times, while the sturdy fibers protect your feet in odd weather.

Its medium size makes it ideal as a permanent area rug next to a couch, bed, or any other furniture and its easy handling allows you to move it to accentuate different areas of home.


• This can be used for living room, bed room or any large space in your home.
• Medium Size of 4.6 ft * 2.3 ft, to cover an area of 10.6 sqft.
• High quality to capture beautiful traditional patterns in a modern design.
• Wool and Cotton blend for durability and low maintenance.
• Shake to remove debris or you may use vacuum clean to do so.


• Traditional look may be not the first choice for everyone.
• Carpet is weight of just 1kg which is very thinner comparing to other carpets available in the market.


best floor carpet                                              Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

This one is from Tex n Craft Carpet, will not only keep your flooring well protected from dirt and dust, but will also make your room look more inviting. Made up polyester. Weight of this carpet is about 3.2 kg with dimensions of 92 x 15 x 15 cm which is strong and durable, thus fit for regular use. Keep these in your bedroom to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

4.HOME ELITE Black Ethnic Design Velvet Touch Carpet

best floor carpet                                          Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

Again another carpet from HOME ELITE brand listed in this list but this time the only difference is the design of the carpet which is velvet finish which adds different look to this carpet, which may be the choice of some of the consumers .

It comes with good length and weight of 1.8kg which is easy to carry and handle. Like any other home elite carpets it also washable with professional cleaning and very easy to maintenance.

best floor carpet                                         Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

Beautify your home with this carpet which is machine made using acrylic as a primary material best suite your bedroom or anywhere in your home with attractive price. Carpet comes with different sizes and price accordingly, with an approximate Weight of 4Kg so that you can choose the carpet according to your need and budget.

6.Yellow Weaves Brown Geomatric Nylon Carpet
best floor carpet                                             Offers and Detailed features with user reviews

This Carpet is from one of well known house Yellow Weaves, Carpet It is made of nylon with geometric pattern. The size of the carpet is 3.25 ft x 5 ft, with an average weight of 1.6kg and having a great design with better color combination which is one of the best choice for your living room which adds great look to your living room.

Final words:

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