6 Best Food Processor In India With Buying Guide

Are you looking for a best food processor, that can effectively do things like chopping, grinding, making dough’s, at the same time makes the cooking process easy and time saving? then read on by the end of this post you get all the information you need before buying a food processor and review of some of the best food processor available in India.

What is a food processor?
If you’re in search of best food process, then you must know what this device is, But for those who don’t know, these are the device like your mixer grinder, which is equipped with a motor and blades, but with inter changeable blades and little less power motor compared to the mixer grinder, which makes it possible to do multiple task like chopping, cutting, shredding, bending and pureeing.

Before going further it’s really important to know some of the features and facts that really matters for a best food processor, let’ know them in our buying guide.

Buying guide of food processor

Speed: Most of the food processor comes with single speed and some with a pulse button, that give small bursts of power which is a very good option for rough chopping. Choose according to your preference.

Power: Choosing a powerful motor (minimum 600watt) can be helpful because there is a higher power requirement whenever you need to chop hard raw veggies like carrot. And if you do these things with low power based food processor, then most probably you are going to end up with uneven chopping and even more worse situation like motor burn out can also happen.

Size /Capacity: Size of the food process varies from a 7 cup chopper to 20 cup variant, but the right size selection mostly depends on your family size, if you need food process to prepare food for family of 4-5 members, then 10-12 size would be sufficient.

Brand: Good brand product always ensures more quality and sustainability, as they goes through a lot of quality tests and gets approval from many safety certification agencies, before coming to the market.

Other convenient features to look: Features like touch buttons makes the device easy to clean and even dishwasher safe. And the large feed tube saves time of the cutting of the ingredients.

That’s all, we covered almost everything that a consumer need to know before buying a food processor. Considering all above features,previous user reviews and the brand presence, we selected some of the food processor have a look at them

Six best food processor in India

1.Philips daily collection HR 7629/90 Mini Food processor

best food processor

This product from Philips is one of the best food processor considering its price for features, brand presence and the user review. Feature like double speed setting supports chopping of every type of food, the emulsifying tool is very helpful for whipping, whisking and emulsifying eggs etc.

And the reversible stainless steel blade along with the power chopping technology ensures best slicing experience. Lastly due to the absence of inner chimney shaft in the middle of the bowl it prevents liquid leakage from the bowl, hence your food processor and kitchen counter stays clean.

650 watt powerful motor.
Motor speed: 1500rpm – 1900rpm.
ABS body material.
2.12Litter capacity and 1L working capacity.
40% large feeding tube.
Citrus fruit press jar.
Easy release suction feet.
Dishwasher safe.
Two years of warranty.

2. Inalsa Fiesta 650-Watt Food processor (white /Grey)

best food processor

As we Indians always love to have “jyada”, this is the perfect all in one food processor for every Indian home, mean you can use this as a food processor, mixer grinder as well as juicer too.

With the purchase of this food processor you going to get a blender jar(capacity of 1.5litter) and a grinder jar(capacity of 1 litter), along with slicer cutter, chopper cutter, spatula, centrifugal juicer assembly and whisking disc.

3 speeds with pulse.
650watt powerful motor.
Plastic and chopping blade suits for variety of purposes.
Overload protector.
Weight is all about 7kg.
Two years of manufacturer warranty.

3.Bajaj Food Factory FX 11 600 -Watt Food Processor(white)

best food processor

This Bajaj food processor also made for multipurpose like the above one, but this product going to cost you little more (approx. 5300Inr to 5900Inr) then the above Inalsa food processor. But the main reason we selected this as a best food processor in India is due to the positive response for this product from the previous consumers.

This Bajaj food processor got 4.1star out of 5 star from more than 800 ratings on Flipkart, clearly indicates that this is the people choice device.

Polycarbonate material bowl.
3 speed settings.
600watt power motor.
Motor speed: 1800rpm.
Stainless steel blades.
1.25L of liquid jar and 1L of grinding jar.
Safety locks and overload protection available.
2 years of warranty on product and 5 years on product.

4. philips Dialy Collection HR 7627 Mini Food processor (white)

best food processor

This is the second Philips product in our best food processor list, but this time you’re going to get little less accessory and features comparing to the first one, maybe this is the reason behind the little less price tag of this device.

Speaking of the specification, this device equipped with 650watt powerful motor with 1900rpm bowl, powerful precision chopping technology, two speed settings and pulse for maximum control.

Notable Features:
Sharp and strong stainless blades.
Bowl working capacity:1.5 litter.
Jar capacity: 1 litter.
1meter long cord.
ABS plastic body material.
2 years of worldwide warranty.

5.Morphy Richards Icon DLX 1000-watt Food processor

best food processor

This Morphy Richard device is one of the premium all in one food processor equipped with a lot of features and safety measures, and one need to spend around 8500Inr to 8800Inr to get this product.

One of the special feature of this device is that, with this device you can choose the size of the slicing, as there is 7 different slicing options available. And the child lock feature of this food processor ensures more safe in the presence of children at your home.

Due to the inbuilt locking system this machine going to start only if the operational jar locked properly, thus prevent any accidental damages.


1000watt powerful motor.
Weight is all about 7Kg.
2.4 litter processing bowl.
Quadra flow technology.
Citrus juicer jar.
Works as a centrifugal juicer too.
11 food processing attachments.
Stainless steel blades.

6.Wonder chef Turbo Dual Speed Food processor with Peeler

best food processor

Here it comes, this is the last product in our best food process in India list and at the same time one of the cheapest food processors, as this product didn’t have any motor, all you have to do with your hand only, that why it going to save a lot on electric bill too.

As you see in the image, irrespective to its price this product comes with a lot of accessories, that suits all purposes, and with its gear setting you can set gear(First gear for power and last gear for speed) according to your need.

Dishwasher safe.
720gram plastic body.
Whipper for mixing and beating egg whites.
Stainless steel blades.
One year warranty.

Final word: As you can see we picked all type of Food processor for review, so that everyone with variable choice can choose the best food processor at right possible price. If you already have any of these item, or are planning to buy any of them, then please share your review in comment section. This can help a lot online shoppers like you and us.

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