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Best Gas Stove in India With Buying Guide

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We are going to discuss some of the best gas stove in India with buying guide. If i say gas stove is one of the greatest discovery in human life, it may sound very funny now, but in the past it was accepted as one of the special findings and now gas stove became one of the most used domestic appliances in every household.

Unlike other household around the globe, the gas stove is one of the commonly used and must have accessory in our county, may be this is the reason every manufactures focus on improving this device day by day and now in India one can find much more advanced gas stove equipped with all advanced safety measures, elegant design and features like 4 to 6 burners etc.


As we discussed earlier, nowadays there are a lot more to look in a gas stove, that’s why we listed some of the features that really matters for a gas stove, to make you sure you select the best gas stove at right possible price according to your need.

Material: Most of the economy gas stoves is generally made up of stainless steel, but you can also find fiber or glass material made stoves which are used to fit on your kitchen bench top, choose accordingly depending on your need.

Number of burners: Two or three burner based gas stove is well enough for a medium sized family (3-4 members). But sometimes it’s really difficult to prepare multiple items on occasions or in the event whenever guests come to you, so choosing a 4 or more than 4 burner is a good idea.

Cleaning: Glass or fiber made stoves were easier to clean and these devices look very attractive in your kitchen though they are going to cost you a little more comparing the stainless steel version.

Size: Size of a gas stove is one of the most ignored feature, and everybody regrets it after some time. Size of the gas stove must have to be selected according to the kitchen size and the gas stove resting space of your kitchen. And by doing this you can add a great look to your kitchen.

Heat control: We all are much more familiar with the heat control of the gas stove, choosing a multiple heat control based stove gives you an option to cook different type of food at different heat as every type of food needs to be cooked at different temperature for betting cooking.

Considering all the above features we listed some of the best gas stoves those are available in Indian market, have a look at them

7 Best Gas Stoves In India

Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Table, 4 burner Black

best gas stove in India

With spending just Rs 4720 one can bring this spill proof designed Prestige Marvel Glass Gas to their home, to add a look to their kitchen as well as for easy convenient use.

Along with spill proof, ergonomically designed knobs, three burners and shatter proof toughened glass finish are the added benefit to this this stove.

Notable features:
Spill proof, attractive glass material made stove.
Tri-pin burners with high efficiency.
Ergonomically intend knobs.
Very easy to clean and use.
Two years of manufacture warranty.

Pigeon Black line smart 2 Burner Gas stove

best gas stove in India

If you’re the one who more concern about the warranty service from the brand, then this stove from Pigeon is going to be best gas stove for you, comes with 2 years of warranty from the well known brand pigeon.

Notable features:
Heat resistant toughened glass.
Unique ABS knob for smooth and easy functioning.
Easy to clean and easy to maintain.
2 years of manufacturing warranty.

SUN flame GT pride 2 Burner gas stove black

best gas stove in India

If you’re looking to buy long lasting, classic gas stove for your home within your budget, then the sun flame GT pride 2 burner gas stove is best fit for you. As this stove is made to last for a long time, even if you use regularly.

Notable features:

It consists of 2 high efficiency brass burners.
Attractive metallic gold finish.
Two years of manufacture warranty.

Prestige Marvel Glass-Top Gas Table,Gtm o3l,3 Burner

best gas stove in India

This is the another Prestige Marvel Glass top stove in our list of best gas stove in India, but this time you get only three burners with this stove. This is most suitable for medium family or bachelors. And lastly the spill proof design of the stove makes it easy to clean and takes very less time to do so.

Notable features:

Elegant black toughened glass top.
High efficiency tri-pin burners
Ergonomically designed knobs.
One year manufacture warranty.


Fabiano Fab SURYA-2 Burner-Glass top gas stove

best gas stove in India

The Fab Surya 2-burner gas stove is suitable for mostly every lifestyle, the arrangement of 2-burners are used for multitasking in kitchen, And the unique pan support designed in the intention of easy handling.

The stove made with 7mm toughened glass with spill proof design, further more the burner design give the necessary time to cook easily in well organized and competent way.


7mm thick thermally toughened glass.
High efficiency brass burners.
Spill resistant design with heat resistant, tough glass top.
One year manufacture warranty.

Pigeon favourite 2-Burner Glass top Gas stove ,Black

best gas stove in India

This is the second Pigeon gas stove in our list. This features a spill proof pan support and a removable stainless steel drip, definitely going to improve the decoration of your kitchen.

360 degree revolving nozzle.
Superior balance with unique pan support.
User friendly functions.
Heat resistant with stainless steel material.

Preethi TOPAZ stainless steel 3-Buner gas stove

best gas stove in India

Preethi is gaining so much popularity in sense of home appliance maker and this stove from Preethi brand is our last best gas stove in this list, and one of the perfect gas stove for every home maker.

Handy light, smooth holder .
Joint less steel body without rivet for easy cleaning .
0.7 mm thick stainless steel for longer life.
50% heavier brass burner for easy and faster cooking.
Two years of manufacture warranty.

Final words: We hope that these reviews can help you to choose best gas stove in India at the right price.If you already have any of these items or planing to buy any of them then must share your review in comment section,this can help a lot online shoppers like you and me

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