5 Best Inverter In India 2018 With Buying guide

Here we are going to discuss some of the best inverter in India with buying guide. I still remember the cyclone back in 2014 at my home town left us complete 48hrs without electricity, thankfully our home inverter has saved us, at least for mobile charging, light at night and to start water supply motor.
This is what inverters do, (note:you need a battery along with the inverter for power supply) and apart from this type of rare situation an inverter is must have device in every household of our country due to the frequent power cuts in many places and this is really painful during the summer. But before buying an inverter there are a lot of things need to know about these devices, let’s know them slice by slice.

Buying guide of inverter

Buying guide simply means some of the features, factors and calculations that really matters for a best inverter, have look.
Capacity:This is the first most important thing to look in an inverter, and this capacity calculated in VA(volts ampere) on an inverters. We need some calculation to choose the right capacity, lets do it.
Say you need an inverter for 3 fans(each 100watt), 2 CFLs(each 20 watt), one laptop(around 100 watt) and 1 television(120 watt). Now the total wattage requirement is (3*100 + 2*20 + 1*100 + 1*120) 550 watt, that means your going to need a inverter that going to support 550watt.

Now, we all know that there is always an energy loss on every electrical device, so that to get the exact efficiency we need to divide this with power factor, that is 0.8. Hence 550/0.8 = 687VA. This is how you need to calculate your inverter capacity and go for a nearest capacity based inverter(as inverters comes with specific capacity like 900VA, 1200VA, etc)

Sinewave inverter or square wave inverter:Inverters are the simple device that converts the DC current to AC current and vice versa, and depending on the type of the AC current these inverters are further classified into this above mentioned two types.

As a consumer one only need to know that the square wave inverters are generally noisy, less safe and economical comparing to the sine wave inverter, But going for a sine wave is good choice as these are more efficient and supports all types of home appliances.
LED indicators:Modern inverters comes with different types of led status display like battery charging, main supply on, battery life are some of the many to have a look before purchase.
Alarm:Alarms like overload and the fuse blown is also important, as with these alarms you can take quick action, enhances longer life of the inverter.

Considering all the above factors and the previous buyer reviews we picked some inverter, have a look.

5 Best inverter in India

1.Luminous Zelio 1100 VA Sine Wave Inverter

best inverter in india

This Luminous Zelio is one of the best inerter in India considering its price, market presence and user review (got 4.2 star out of 5 from 844 verified consumers on flipkart). And talking of its capacity, it is 1100VA rated inverter mean it can support 3 CFL, 3 Tube light, 3 Ceiling Fan, 1 Television, 1 air Cooler at the same time and can suitable for 100Ah – 220Ah range of battery.

Along with that, this inverter built with a lot of safety measures like overload protection, deep discharge and short circuit protection are some of them to mention.

Pure sine wave based inverter.
Weight is all about 11kg.
8hrs of backup time.
2 years of manufacturer warranty.

2.Microtek UPS SEBz 1100 VA Inverter

best inverter in india

Microtek is another big name in battery and inverter manufacturer (my family using one of the microtek inverter from last 5 years without any repair) and this invert is quite similar to the previous inverter considering its price and capacity.

Pure sine wave inverter.
Weight is about 8Kg.
1.1Kva capacity.
80% efficiency.
2 year of on-site warranty.

3.Sukam Solar Home UPS inverter

best inverter in india

As the name suggests this is one of solar based inverter, means one can charge the connected battery with the help of solar energy as well as with the power supply, maybe this feature is reason to the higher cost of this device (costs around 7600Rs – 7900Rs) comparing other inverter with same features excluding the solar energy support.

Metal body material made.
Manufacturer claims 96% efficiency.
Led display for easy view.
Inbuilt cooling system available.
Overload, short circuit and reverse current protection available.
Indicators: Solar On, Mains On, battery charging , battery full , standby, over load.
24 months of Su-kam warranty.

4.Amaron 880va Pure Sine Wave Inverter

best inverter in india

This Amaron pure sine wave inverter is for those who looking for an inverter with little less capacity, but this price fall in the same range as of above 1000VA inverter, this may be the reason less products were sold on Flipkart(who don’t like more feature in comparatively less price with same quality), but it still got 4.6star out of 5 from 19 consumers on flipkart.

Along with good reviews the maker claims that this device delivers 95% efficiency( more then the above two low priced with same capacity inverter). Perhaps this the reason behind higher price of this inverter.

Can support 3 lights and 3 fan at a time.
Pure sine wave inverter.
8Hrs of backup time.
Weight is about 8.5Kg.
2 years of warranty with the purchase.

5.EXIDE 850VA pure sine wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter

best inverter in india


Here we reached to the end, this is the last product in our list of best inverter in India, 850VA capacity and going to cost you around you 5200Rs to 5500Rs on any eCommerce portal like Flipkart.

Pure sine wave inverter.
Weight is 8.5kg.
Lcd display.
Stainless body.
90% of efficiency.
2 years of manufacture on-site warranty.

Final Words: That’s all in our section of best inverter in India, we hope you can also choose the best inverter at right possible price. If you already have any of these item, or are planning to buy any of them, then please share your view in comment section. This can help a lot online shoppers like you and us.

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