10 Best Iron Box In India 2018 With Buying Guide

The following post is some of the best iron box in India with buying guide. Either you’re an office going professional or a college student, you must have noticed how people around look at you whenever you wear a dress with wrinkles, and we all know how it feels. That’s why nowadays having an iron box is must for everyone for quick pressing of cloths.
Whenever it comes to a buy a new iron box, there is so much of confusion due the vast availability of the product, plenty of feature and brand to choose from. If you are one of them is facing difficulty to find a best iron in India than we hope your search might end here, because we listed some of the best iron box considering their features, user review, the brand trust and many more things.

Iron Box Buying Guide

Everybody may know that the iron box works with simple mechanism that is combination of heat and pressure to remove creases, but beyond from the simple mechanism iron box evolved a lot from time to time, nowadays iron box comes with a lot of safety measures and well efficient features.
Let’s discuss and know slice by slice about these advanced iron boxes. Mainly there are three types of the iron box.

Steam iron: If you remember, in our old days we use to sprinkle some water before the pressing of our cloths to prevent burn and easy removal of winkles. In steam iron you will get nearly the same type of arrangement, it consists of a water tank and by heating this device, it releases stem at high temperature from beneath the water tank, some models also comes with the spray function.

Dry iron: This type iron may be you already have at your place, this iron works with the simple mechanism that is the high heat and pressure combination and is commonly used in fabrics like silk, delicate stuff.

Travel iron: These types of iron box gained so much of popularity due to their small size and high capability, with these types of iron you don’t need to worry about the wrinkles on your cloths during the travel because these devices can be easily fitted in your bag to carry anywhere you want and capable of removing wrinkles of your cloths where ever you want within quick time.

Now let’s have a quick overview of some of the feature that matters before relying it as an best iron box.

Sole plate: You should look for the iron box whose sole plate is non sticky, easy to clean and scratch resistant. Specially look for the sole plate material some iron comes with aluminum, which can very easily scratchable by buttons and hooks of the cloths, where as if you go for a non-stick sole plate, these are more effective to remove creases.

Heat Control knob: Heat capacity of an iron box plays a very important role in crease removal and at the same time it also burns the cloths over high heat because different fabrics have their own set of heat absorbing capacity. Therefore, we suggest look for an iron box which haves all type of heat producing capacity depending on the cloth type.

Steam shot and steam burst: Generally, the steam shot mode of a iron box releases certain amount of steam that is mostly suitable for every type of cloth, but some hard cloths requires more steam to get themselves wrinkle free that’s why some manufacturer introduced the steam burst feature, by using this you can remove hard wrinkles. Choose according to your need.

Cord length: It’s really hard to do the pressing job without the wire extension, if you opt for a small cord length iron box. And to set up new extension every time you iron is time consuming and so much frustrating work, that’s why go for a device which haves long cord for easy and hassle free pressing.

Water tank: If you fall under one of them who do ironing bundles of cloths at a time, then you definitely going to need a large sized water tank based iron box to last the water for all your cloths, only if you choose the steam iron box.

Handle: Handle is the only interface between you and iron box, unfortunately if your handle breaks or damage there is chance that the box can slip from your hand results burning of your favorite cloth and in some cases current also can pass through your body. So choose a strong, easy to hold and non-conductive material handle.

By considering the above features and safety measure we selected and reviewed some of the best iron box, have look.

10 best iron box available in India market

Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray

best iron box in India 1

PHILIPS GC 1905 1440 steam iron with spray provides continuous steam output up to 17gm/min, this iron box is simply built for speed ironing, it have a best feature like self cleaning and this comes with 180 ml of filling and emptying water tank capacity.

This iron box is one of the best choice for those who looking for a budget friendly steam iron with smooth gliding sole plate and good water tank capacity.

Notable features:

  • Available in attractive combination of white and blue color.
  • It gives a continuous output up to 17g /min.
  • Self cleaning for a quick clean.
  • 1440W power rating.
  • 180 ml of filling and emptying water tank.
  • Two years of manufacture warranty.

Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron (White/Blue)

best iron box in India 2

For those who are always in a hurry, the Morphy Richards Super glide 2000-watt steam iron box is the best fit as this iron heats up quickly within 30 second. This iron box also very well designed and the features compared to its cost is worth to have a look at it.

The reason behind we listed this iron in our list of best iron is that this device is equipped with ceramic coated sole plates, ensures more safe than the other iron in this category and also gives your garments a nice crisp look after ironing.

Notable features:

  • Extra large water tank of capacity 350 ml.
  • It has a steam control setting.
  • 2000w power rating.
  • Two years of manufacture warranty.

Oster 4415 1800-Watt Steam Iron (White/Blue)

best iron box in India 3

Oster 4415 is a steam iron equipped with aluminum alloy sole plate and non sticky ability for easy ironing. It is a multi mode temperature iron box, mean you can set different temperature with different kind of clothes.

We hope if you choose this iron box this product not going to disappoint you at any point of time due to its quality and sustainability.

Notable features:

  • It has a power rating of 1800 W
  • Its solid build quality prevents water leakage.
  • Self cleaning is available.
  • Multi mode temperature control knob.
  • 280 ml water tank capacity.
  • Two years of manufacture warranty.

USHA TECHNE Travel Iron Direct 500 PINK

best iron box in India 4

This is the only travel iron in our list of best iron box in India, in simple words it is an excellent compact iron built with non sticky Teflon coated sole plates and also have a temperature control knob. This iron fully capable of removing hard creases and also prevents clothes from burning as this has thermostat disc to manage its heat by itself.

Notable features:

  • Unique palm glide design for ironing.
  • It operates in voltage 110-120V.
  • Weight is all about 35grms.
  • Steam boost to remove hard wrinkles.
  • One year of manufacture warranty.

Orpat OEI 187 1200-Watt Dry Iron (White and Blue)

best iron box in India 5

If you’re looking for an effective best dry iron box in India than this is best fit for you. Talking about this iron box features, this device equipped with thermostat feature to prevent excess heat, 1200 watt power rating and the power indication button is an added benefit to this iron box.

Notable features:

  • It consists of shock proof plastic body.
  • Super clean surface finish with pleasant aesthetics.
  • Its have a power indicator.
  • God quality sole plate for faster and uniform heating.
  • Two years of manufacture warranty.

Tefal Easygliss 2200-Watt Steam Iron (Green)


best iron box in India 6

This is one and only premium iron in our best iron box list, which costs around RS 5000, manufactured by Tefal, loaded with bunch of safety measure and features. The best part of this iron is that this device equipped with one the best world class Durillium technology based sole plates, for excellent scratch resistance ironing experience.

Notable features:

  • Steam boost of 110gm/min.
  • Anti drip and auto stop functionality.
  • Spray for effective ironing.
  • Produces vertical steam.
  • Produces non stop steam up to 35gm /min.
  • Water tank of capacity 270ml.
  • Stem boost in 110 g/min.
  • 2000 watt power rating.
  • Long cord of 2 meters.
  • Two year warranty.

Maharaja Whiteline Easio 1000-Watt Dry Iron (White and Red)


best iron box in India 7

This is another best dry iron box from Maharaja brand and also ISI certified product that one can get by spending just around RS 500 in India. Comparing its price this iron box has way more features, maybe this is the reason this iron box became very popular and got so many positive feedback.

Notable features:

  • 1000 watt power rated iron box.
  • Operating voltage up to 240 V.
  • It consists nonstick coated sole plate.
  • It is an ISI mark issued product.
  • It contains adjustable temperature control knob.
  • Two years of manufacture warranty.

Panasonic Heavy Weight Iron (Made In Japan With Deluxe Metal Cover)

best iron box in India 8


As you read in the name this iron box is made in Japan and made with stylish rich golden deluxe metal. It looks like and initially feels a heavy weight, but eventually once you getting used to this product you going to love it.
It provides automatic thermostatic lamp, 6 thermostatic settings. This thermostatic settings are helpful to prevent your garments from burning.

Notable features:

  • Non stick coating sole plate.
  • It provides adjustable swivel cord.
  • It consists of 6 types of temperature settings.
  • It has a power rating of 1000W.
  • It also has automatic thermostat.

Bajaj DX 7 1000-Watt Dry Iron


best iron box in India 9

There is no better iron box than this Bajaj DX 7 considering its design, popularity and the features, It just requires you to try then you can buy this product again and again and also recommend this product to others as well.

Bajaj DX 7 is very light weighted dry iron, so this can easily glide by anyone on any kind of fabrics. Speaking about its specialty it has a double indication system where the red light indicates that the iron box is heating up and the green light blows whenever your desired temperature reaches.

Notable features:

  • Safety thermal fuse.
  • Cool touch body with good quality handle.
  • It comes with light weight 360 degree swivel cord.
  • It has power rating 1000W.
  • Operating power is 230V.
  • Non stick coated sole plate.
  • It consists dual indicator setting.
  • Two years of manufacture warranty.

Morphy Richards Inspira 1000-Watt Dry Iron (White and Black)

best iron box in India 10

This is the last product in our list of best iron box in India. The Morphy Richard Inspira iron box heats up within seconds, though saves your time and money at the same time and also very effective in the sense of removing wrinkles from any type of fabrics.

Notable features:

  • It has thermostatic control.
  • It contains neon indicator.
  • Have a power rating of 1000Watt
  • Operating voltage is 230V.
  • It has 360 degrees swivel cord.
  • Two years of manufacture warranty.

Final Words:That’s all in our section of best iron box in India. We hope that these reviews can help you to choose best iron box at the right possible price. If you already have any of these items, or are planning to buy any of them, then please share your review in comment section. This can help a lot online shoppers like you and me.

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