7 Best Kitchen Chimney In India With Buying Guide

Here is some of the best kitchen chimney in India. We all Indians love spicy, oily food, which involves a lot of frying and baking, Of course, this food tastes heavenly, but its our kitchen that bears all side effect, and sometime our loved home chef too affects with the dust and smoke, results watery eyes and sneezy nose etc.
All these happen due to the improper ventilation in our kitchen. When ventilation thought comes, the exhaust fan comes first in mind, but now its twentieth century and the kitchen gone through a lot of change from last many decades, now nobody uses those noise making exhaust fans, instate everyone prefers a kitchen chimney.
But for many of the people out there this device may be new, let me explain in simple word, kitchen chimney is a simple yet effective and most need device in every kitchen that fitted right above the cooktop to suck the smoke and fumes out of the kitchen. Apart from the simple working process, there is a lot more to know about these device before ensuring it as best kitchen chimney, let’s know them in our buying guide.

Buying guide of kitchen chimney:

Depending on the size and the installation place requirement these kitchen chimneys were divided into two types.
Wall mounted chimney: Chimney that was fitted adjacent to the wall, above the cooktop is called as wall mount chimney and these are the mostly preferred chimney in our county. Island chimney: This chimneys are fixed on the celling of the wall and above on the cooktop, seems like these are hanging from the celling.
And talking about the chimney parts, this contains a filter, which is mainly responsible for filtering process, and depending upon the material and the process of filtering these are further classified into 3 types. Have look at them.

Mesh / cassette filter: As the name suggests these are the aluminum made mesh, results a small holes on the filter through which all the air passes and the oil, dust stocks in it. Eventually by passing time a lot of dust clogs in this filter which affects the suction power of this filter. That’s why it is really important to clean this filter frequently.
Baffle filter: The curve structure of this filter normally changes the direction of the air whenever the cooking air passes through it, due to this working process baffle filter requires less maintenance and is one of the most suitable filter in Indian kitchen chimney.
Carbon filter: These are somewhat used as an optional filter along with the mesh or baffle filter, and are mainly used for absorption of odor. These can’t be washed or cleaned, so you need to change the carbon filter on every 4-6 months for effective suction of the chimney.

Now let’ have a look at some of the features that really matters for a kitchen chimney before ensuring it as a best kitchen chimney.

How to choose size of Chimney: Choosing a kitchen chimney equal or lager then the size of cooktop or the hob is mostly recommended. Generally 60 cm of width chimney is comfortable for a cooktop with 2feet width, and 90 cm width chimney for 3 to 5 burners based cooktop. Choose according to your requirement.
Auto clean: When the cooking air passes through this auto clean based kitchen chimney, the air blower of this machine forces this air to move towards the wall of chimney, thus the easy removable oil collector present in the wall collects most of the oil and greases from the air and rest passes through the filter.

You just need to detach the oil collector and clean it once in a weak, hence it reduces frequenct maintenance of the filter(yes you still need to clean the baffle filter as little dust and oil clogs in it and with time the dust becomes more.)These chimneys are best fit for those who are more concerned about maintenance and odor free kitchen like my mom.

Suction power of chimney: This suction power is represented in m3/hr and generally 500 m3/h to 650 m3/h suction power based chimney is suitable for every type of home. But if you are more specific lets have a little calculation.

Expert says a chimney need to change the air of the kitchen 10 times in every hour, mean one have to choose the chimney ten times the volume of the kitchen. For example, lets say you kitchen length is 6meter, width is 4m and height is 2.5m and now volume is (6*3*2.5) 45m3 and then 10 times of this volume is 450m3, that means you need a chimney that is at least 450m3/hr suction power. Now you know all the things, calculate and choose exact kitchen chimney according to your requirement.

Duct chimney and Duct less chimney: Duct chimney generally haves a vent to the outside, so that the kitchen air and dust directly passes to outside of the kitchen, whereas the ductless chimney uses a carbon filter to remove odor and extra air particle after that the purified air is again circulated into the kitchen.
Due to the working process duct chimney helps to remove heat from the kitchen and these are more efficient than the other one.
That’s all, now we cover each and every thing to know before buying a kitchen chimney. Considering all the above factors, user review and brand presence in the Indian market, we selected some of the chimney to choose from, have a look at them.

7 best kitchen chimney in India

1.Elica Kitchen chimney 60cm 1100m3/h

best kitchen chimney

Elica is one of the well known kitchen hood industry in Italy and also have a great presence in India too. And one can get this well deigned Elica chimney by spending just around 9300 INR to 9900 INR in any ecommerce website like Amazon.

This chimney is equipped with 2 LED lights (3Watt each) for user convenience and easy cooking. Along with the light this chimney has inbuilt push button panel, enhances easy use and easy access to all the features of this device.

Notable Features:
Consumes at most 230 watt power..
Suction capacity 1100m3/Hr.
Baffle filter based chimney.
3 speed levels.
Weight is about 8.8 Kg.
Glass and stainless steel material made.
60cm sized kitchen chimney.
One year warranty on product and Five years on motor.

2.Hindware 60cm 1200m3/h Chimney

best kitchen chimney

This Hindware chimney is one of the best kitchen chimney considering its user review (got 4.1 stat our of 5 from around 170 verified consumers on Flipkart) and the brand presence in our country.

This is an auto clean based chimney, mean there is an oil collector inside this device, results less maintenance and furthermore the powerful motor of this machine make it possible for this chimney long life, less noise and less power consumption.

Notable Features:
Baffle filter based chimney.
58dB noise level.
180Watt power motor.
Suction capacity: 1200m3/hr.
Inbuilt led lights.
Weight is about 16Kg.
One year on-site warranty on product and 5 years on motor.

3.Pigeon 60cm 860m3/h Chimney

best kitchen chimney

This Pigeon chimney is one of the cheapest product in India and as well as in our list too, one can get this 60 cm kitchen chimney spending just around 6000 INR in Indian market.

Speaking of its body, this device is made up of stainless steel and equipped with features like low noise level, two lamp lights and the power efficient motor are some to mention.

Notable Features:
Kitchen chimney with baffle filter.
Air suction capacity: 860m3/hr.
Noise level 56dB.
Press button control panel.
9.5 kg of weight.
7 years of warranty on motor.

4.Hindware 90cm 1200m3/h Chimney

best kitchen chimney

This is the second Hindware product in our list of best kitchen chimney in India, but this time with little high suction capacity and bigger in size(about 90 cm width) comparing to the first one, may be this is the reason behind little higher price of this device.

And the thermal auto clean feature of this chimney capable of cleaning the dust residues and oil from the motor with just one touch, with the help of inbuilt soft touch control panel.

Notable Features:
180watt powerful motor.
Stainless steel material made.
Air suction: 1200 m3/hr.
Chimney with baffle filter.
Inbuilt Led lights.
Weight is about 19Kg.
1 year on-site warranty on product and 5 years on motor.

5.Prestige 60cm 760 m3/h Chimney(DKH 600CS ,Silver)

best kitchen chimney

Here it comes, chimney from one of our well known brand Prestige, with little less air suction capacity of 760m3/hr and is going to cost around 7600 INR in India market.
This wall mountable chimney featured stainless steel aluminum body, 2 years of home warranty and two LED light bulbs.

Notable Features:
200 Watts powerful motor.
760m3/h suction capacity.
11kg of weight.
Width is 67 Cm.
Two years warranty on product.

6.Kaff NERO 60 Wall Mounted Chimney

best kitchen chimney

This Kaff Nero chimney got 4.5 star out of 5 star from around 10 verified consumers on Flipkart and this black colored wall mountable kitchen chimney equipped with two halogen lights, designed with the width* height*diameter of 65*56*34.

Notable Features:

cassette filter based chimney.
186 watt power motor.
Stainless steel material made.
9.5kg of weight.
1000m3/hr air suction power
5 years of warranty, only on motor.

7.Glen 60cm 1000m3/h Chimney

best kitchen chimney

Here it comes , this is the last device in our list of best kitchen chimney in India, the manufacturer claims that this chimney is powered by Italian motor which produces very less noise and the thermal overload protection of this motor enhances the longer shelf life of the machine.

Notable Features:

155watt power motor.
Baffle filter based chimney.
Two Led light with 40watt power.
Air suction capacity: 1000m3/hr.
Easy to use push bottoms.
1 year warranty on product and 7 years on motor warranty.

Final Words: As you can see we picked all type of chimneys for review, so that everyone with variable choice can choose the best kitchen chimney at right possible price. If you already have any of these item, or are planning to buy any of them, then please share your review in comment section. This can help a lot online shoppers like you and us.


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