Best Portable Solar Power Banks In India 2017

Power banks mainly designed to store power which can be used when we need it. And when it comes to portable solar power banks, the main purpose of this type of power banks were, we can charge them on the go with easy available solar energy, which is very essential, whenever we are travelling or whenever we cannot sit and wait for charging and during power breakdowns.

These best portable solar power banks also helps you to save electric energy, utilize free source energy and these does not emit any harmful toxin, which helps to keep our environment pollution free.

portable solar power banks may be new to some of the readers, but these devices evolved a lot to fulfill all safety prospects and all requirements of consumer like us. With these Chargers you won’t be bothered about drained battery anywhere under the sun, Now its time to give your gadget the power of the sun.

Here are some of the best portable solar power banks in India

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Important factors need to know before buying a portable solar power bank

  Need of a Portable solar power bank  

If you are a frequent traveler from one place to another, then you may know the importance of charging of mobile during your journey and if you are travelling for a long distance, then you must have experienced the difficulty of charging of your mobile during your journey.

Apart from travelling, some of us faces power breakdown and frequent power cuts in our place, In this case even if we have normal power banks with us, that can only help us to some extent until the complete discharge of power bank. After that we can’t do anything except waiting for power to come. In such situation an easily available solar energy source can only help us to come over this situation and for all these reason solar power bank can be most important to us.

  Things to know before buying a solar power bank  

Here we covered only a few important factors, if you like can can read power bank complete buying guide

Solar panel

This is the most important part that one should consider about the solar power bank, because the quality and the size of the panel decides the charging efficiency. More the size, more it absorbs the solar energy and material used to make the panel decides the speed and amount of power absorption.


You need to be specific to your purpose. Because if you need charger only to charge just one mobile device, then you can choose the low power battery and single output device which can charge at a faster rate and varies a lot form a multipurpose device on the basis of price tag.


The capacity of the battery and the type of battery decides the performance; there are mainly two types of batteries, Lithium-polymer and lithium-ion. Lithium polymer batteries considered as long lasting than lithium-ion, which costs little more. Choose the right one according to your budget.

User friendly

Whenever you choose a solar charger you must have to look the features like shock protection and waterproof ability so that even a new user can handle these items.


These devices must be light weight, compact size and travel friendly so that you can carry where ever you go and whenever you need it.
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Let’s have a detailed review of each of the portable solar power bank listed above

1. COOLNUT® High Performance Solar Panel Power Bank

best portable solar power banks
                                                     Offers and user reviews at Amazon


This is one of the convenient and safe charging external portable solar power bank from COOLNUT® for any smartphone and other compatible devices. This comes with 13000mAh battery and Dual USB output. This high performance, good quality power bank holds enough power to charge any devices at a maximum of 2A output, making it super handy to have around, if you’re low on battery with no outlets in sight.

It also comes with another input charging port for convenient electric recharging. It is powered by Li-ion cells which are one of the most preferred battery technology in the world. The beautiful looking shell case made with the premium quality Aluminum+ABS material, comfortably fits in hands giving an elegant and royal look. This environment-friendly portable power bank is unique in its own class and offers complete durability that makes it a perfect partner for a trip.


• Haves multilevel security system to overcome short-circuit, high-voltage and over-current risks.
• Auto-cut charge technology.
• The device will automatically shut down in the case of a short circuit to protect your device.
• It has 4-led indicators, which shows charging status and also have a led flashlight.
• Can be charged by both electricity and solar energy


• Have only 1A charging input, which results quite slow charging.

2. Ravin Solar Power Bank

best portable solar power banks
                                                  Offers at Amazon with user reviews


Ravin portable solar power bank comes with a little less power of 6000mAh, best suits for low battery capacity Phones and MP3 players. It is an ideal companion for vacations, regular indoor charging and in areas with irregular power supply. Charge your gadgets the eco-friendly way with no cost to you or the environment.


• Solar Panel made using Monocrystalline Silicon which is comparatively more efficient.
• Indicates Level of Charge by 4 different led’s.
• Holds the charging up to 3 months if you don’t discharge the battery.
• Comes with free adapter and Cable Connectors.
• Electric Circuit Protection from Over Charge, Over-Current, Over-Discharge, Short-Circuit.


• 1.6000mah battery is a little less powerful battery, depending on the consumers need.
• 2. Have only 1A charging input, which results quite slow charging.

3.SBA solar power bank

best portable solar power banks
                                                Offers at Amazon with user reviews


This is a multi-function solar emergency charger comes with 2 USB ports that can Power two devices simultaneously when you go to outside or power cuts. Whenever and wherever you are, you can charge your mobile phone in time, and you can talk with your dearest persons. It has high-capacity Solar efficient charging, Multi – voltage mode, extensive support for laptop and mobile digital devices.


• The solar energy conversing rate is 10 to 11% due to which it charges the battery at faster rate, using solar power.
• Led is provided for detection of fake currency notes.
• Electric Circuit Protection from Over-Charge, Over-Current, Over-Discharge, Short-Circuit.
• This solar charger has build-in 20pcs led lights, which best serves as high quality flash light as well.
• Dual charging mode


• Brand is not much popular as compare to other brands.

4.ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh portable power bank

best portable solar power banks
                                              Offers at Amazon with user reviews


This is one of the best solar power bank in this list due to its Compact, portable and stylish design which easily fits into your bag to provide instant power whenever you want. This made with a top grade cell, Build-in 20000mAh Lithium Polymer battery which charges via a powerful 1.2W monocrystalline solar panel; Dual 2.1A & 1A output allows for simultaneous charging of two mobile gadgets at the same time.


• It has inbuilt rain resistance, dirt proof and shockproof.
• 4 led statuses of charge indicators indicate the charging and discharging process from time to time.
• 20000mah lithium polymer battery.
• Haves led flashlight for those ventures into the camping darkness.
• Supports micro USB.
• Can be charged by both electricity and solar energy.


• This device supports charging through electricity, but charger not included with this device, you have to buy it from outside.
• Due to the heavy battery, it feels little heavier.

5. IFITech® 15000mAh Solar Power Bank

best portable solar power banks
                                                   Offers at Amazon with user reviews


This power bank Build-in Li-Polymer cells and microchips has high quality and long lifespan. It has more than 500 charge cycles during the course of its life. Its high capacity of 15000mAh battery with 2 USB output, USB1: 5V/1A(for smartphones); USB2: 5V/2.1A (for tablets) enables fast charging and can charge two devices simultaneously.


• Rain, shock, drop proof – Great companion for hiking, camping, traveling, and flights.
• 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.
• Built in six LED flashlight , that works perfectly in darkness.
• Five blue Led indicators to show the power level.


• Design is not so attractive.

6. BikeStuff 5000 mAh Mobile Phone Solar Charger Power Bank

best portable solar power banks
                                             Offers at Amazon with user reviews


Bikestuff power bank  is handy, waterproof, shockproof and dust proof. It comes with 5000 mAh battery for charging mobile phones, tablets, cameras, GPS devices. Has a built-in full lithium polymer battery which charges via a powerful 1.2W monocrystalline solar panel. Comes with a Carabiner and an emergency LED torch.


• Very attractive price with all premium features.
• Led flash light.
• Comes with a Carabiner, Hidden dual USB/Micro charging ports.
• Environment friendly silica gel ,ABS plus PC materials used to make this device and rubber paint surface adds very attractive look to this device.


• Battery is only 5000mAh which much lower than an average consumer preference.

7. FABDY SPB-12 Solar Power Bank 20,000 mAh

best portable solar power banks
                                              Offers at Amazon with user reviews

This is our last power bank in the list of best solar power bank in India, is fitted with rechargeable Lithium Ion 18650 model batteries, which can be easily replaceable. The builtin 20,000mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery makes it more powerful with long operation time. It has a high efficiency of power conversion rate.

Charge your mobile phone, iPod, MP3 player, and more, using just sunlight and built in 20,000mAh Li-ion battery. This device is a compact and lightweight solar charger designed for people on the move. Simply connect using the sync cable, originally supplied with your device for instant power.

• Long lasting 20,000mAh battery.
• Multiple led indicators to indicate different levels of charging status.
• Can be charged by both electricity and solar energy.
• Light weight and compact size, which can easily fit in your pockets.

• Don’t have a flashlight.
• Don’t have Auto-cut charge technology.
• Very poor designing.

Final words:

Hoping that these reviews can help you to choose best portable solar power bank at the right price. If you already have any of these items or planning to buy any of them, then must share your review in the comment section,this can help a lot online shoppers like you and me.

All numbers mentioned here was not denotes any priority, these are only the serial numbers.The editor’s choice and Popularity mentioned here were decided by many factors like consumer Preference,Duration of the presence of the product,reviews submitted by consumers, price for the features and many more.

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