Best Portable Bletooth Speaker In India 2017 Reviews And Buying Guide

Last updated on March 26th, 2017 at 12:32 am

For all music lovers, I must say you can experience the best premium audio quality, only if you choose the right audio device. Here are some of the budget friendly best portable speakers review and buying guide which can help you to choose best portable speaker for your need.


Quick list of 10 best portable Bluetooth speakers

PreviewNamePopularityLatest Price
JBL Flip 2 Portable wireless speaker
Portronics Pure Sound POR-102 2.0 Portable Speaker
Philips BT50B Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Sound Blaster FRee Splash Proof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Logitech X100 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
HP S6500 Wireless Mini Speakers
Sony SRS-X11 Compact Portable Speaker
Philips IN-BT4200B/94 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
ZAAP AQUA Portable Bluetooth Speakers

 What is portable speaker? 

This may be funny to explain that, what is a portable wireless portable speaker is, As I guess everyone all around the world loves music, and music lovers are much familiar with this type of devices. But still if somebody doesn’t knows them, then these are the audio devices, which can be carried to any place of your desire without any efforts and you can enjoy the music without connecting any wire, whenever you want it, and you can chill your mood with your favorite music.

When it comes to best portable speakers, these devices come with many more features at very reasonable price compared to the traditional speakers which were served in our homes, that’s why these speakers gained much popularity in a very little time span.

Things to consider before choosing best portable speaker

The best way to select a best speaker is to listen to its sound, but this may not always possible for everyone, especially in this online shopping and internet era.

Even if you went to the physical store, most of the stores don’t have demo sets or they can refuse to unseal the pack unless you purchase the product. That’s why knowing the every specification deeply can help you to choose the right speaker for you.

Here are some of the most know and considerable features that one should know before buying portable speakers.

Audio power

Audio power is the electric power which transferred from an audio amplifier to loud speakers, generally measured in watts. More power defines the more sound power of the speaker.


Along with audio power sensitivity is the factor to determine the loudness of the speaker. This generally measured in dB. More the dB value implies more loudness of the speaker.


This is a special technology which helps to improve the sound quality and the loudness of the speaker, Especially when a battery of speaker gets down, then you must have experienced the sound distortion and lowering the strength of the sound, with this feature you don’t have to worry about the distortion of sound, it also handles different range of input signals.


As these devices are portable, connectivity plays an important role because you can’t carry the connecting wire along with the speaker to everywhere you visit to connect this device with the music player or if you love to hear music during cycling or any other exercise then you must have to choose the speaker with wireless connectivity.


It is always not easy to charge in every 2-3 hours for everyone, More the battery capacity, the more time you can enjoy your music without plugging into the power source in the case of outdoor tours and travels.

Let’s have a detailed review of each portable speaker listed above

1. JBL Flip 2 Portable Bluetooth speaker Review

best portable speakers

Every music lover most have aware of this brand named JBL, which always delivers quality products and this portable speaker from JBL one the best portable speaker in India, which brings rich sound into your portable lifestyle for all your wireless phones and tablets.

This uses two drivers and a built-in bass port for powerful bass, that adds dynamic depth to your listening experience along with crisp vocals, all in a speaker that fits in your hand.

This portable speaker is far more than music, because it has a built in microphones and Sound Clear echo and noise cancellation technologies so you can use this as a hands free speakerphone and never miss a word from your favorite music.


• Custom tuned Built-in bass port.
• Sound clear echo and noise cancellation technologies.
• Built-in customized microphones.
• Bluetooth and NFC to full fill all your wireless music listening needs.
• Auxiliary-input connector allows you to plug into practically all most all audio device.
• Charges with micro USB which can be charged by adapter, laptop and any other such device.
• Comes with Li-ion rechargeable battery.
• 6 watt audio power and 86dB of sensitivity adds great value to this speaker.


• Adapter and carry case are not included with this package.

 Why we consider this as a best portable Bluetooth speaker in India 

It is wireless, portable and rechargeable battery powered speaker, which is an all-terrain party pack that you can carry in the palm of your hand.

2. Portronics Pure Sound POR-102 2.0 Portable speaker Review

best portable speakers

This speaker is so small and portable that carrying it is a breeze and it fits easily in your pockets or shoulder sling bags.
Built-in Japanese drivers in the speakers will give you clear and excellent sound with an impressive output. These speakers are a perfect package for any music lover and a low price tag adds to the appeal.



• 2W speakers with built-in media player and FM.
• Memory card slot supports up to 32GB.
• Volume up/down key with play/pause and previous/next option.
• Can play with mobiles, USB, Micro SD card, laptops.
• Crystal clear sound provided by Japanese driver.
• 1080Mah Li-ion rechargeable battery provides 8 hours of battery life.


• It doesn’t haves wireless connectivity.
• Anti clipping function is not available.

 Why we consider this as a best portable speaker in India 

The compatibility of this portable sound system is exceptional and it can be connected to any mobile, tablets, laptop/PCs and MP3 players via an aux cord.

3. Philips BT50B Portable Bluetooth speaker Review

best portable speakers

This Philips speaker is stylish, elegant design and looks very impressive, And it comes with many color options and I personally think that this speaker can also be used to gift your loved one.



• Comes with built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.
• Anti-clipping technology reduces noise and improves the quality of the sound.
• Powerful woofer and satellite speaker delivers quality sound.
• Speaker enclosed in a wooden cabinet, ensures more clarity of the sound.
• The control panel has power on/off, standby mode, Previous and next track, volume, bass and treble controller bottoms for better functionality.
• This speaker is all about 91 grams in weight and very compact design, Which can easily fit in your pockets.


• Having only 2w of audio wattage due to this, it delivers little less sound power.

 Why we consider this as a best portable Bluetooth speaker in India 

The crisp sound and vibrant audio produced by this portable speaker, will enlighten your musical senses and makes all  leisure moments more musical than ever expected.

4.Creative Sound Blaster FRee Splash Proof Speaker

best portable speakers

This speaker is one of the toughest competitor of the most selling and most popular JBL flip 2. Its 360 degrees sound with deep bass best for those who love to hear music during their workout like cycling and jogging or for those who enjoys loud outdoor music.


• Built-in mp3 player with micro SD card support, Means you can customize your songs list from SD card.
• Supports pairing of two devices at a time via Bluetooth.
• Along with the entire necessary bottoms, loud mode bottom available to boost the volume even more when you need it.
• Built-in micro-phone supports HD VOICE3 for clearer voice calls.
• Certified splash proof.
• Built-in battery supports up to 10 hours standby time.
• 1-year warranty (on limited hardware).


• Some battery back-up problems were mentioned by the customers.
• Don’t haves anti-clipping technology for distortion free noise.

 Why we consider this as a best portable Bluetooth speaker in India 

It includes sound Blaster, which unlocks the SBX Pro Studio suite of technology to make your audio truly immersive and customizable and doubles your music experience as a digital PC speaker.


5.JBL GO Portable Bluetooth speaker Review

best portable speakers

This is another most selling best portable speaker from the JBL brand which is a little less in price as compared to the first one in our list, designed with minimalistic approach to size and is easily portable.
You can carry it to family picnics, beach parties, sports practice or to your evening walks for keeping yourself entertained with music.


• Built-in Bluetooth connectivity and AUX plug-in.
• Microphone with noise cancellation technology improves the voice of phone calls.
• Very good form factor.
• Different types of color options available to choose.


• Does not include battery with the package.
• They also don’t provides adapter and carry case.

 Why we consider this as a best portable Bluetooth speaker in India 

It takes the entertainment quotient higher with its effective audio output which comes at an affordable price range.

6. Logitech X100 Portable Bluetooth speaker Review

best portable speakers

This little powerful speaker designed in five bold colors, this unique design is sure to turn some heads, take it anywhere, Perfect for life on the go. Connect and play wirelessly, and stream music, manage phone calls and control volume with this little champ.


• Wireless connectivity and Aux-plug is also available.
• Built-in Li-ion rechargeable Battery.
• 1-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.
• Simple design with volume control, Bluetooth and power bottoms.
• Available in 5 different colors.


• Memory card slot is not available.
• Anti-clipping technology is not available.
• Sound quality is little bad at higher sound level compared to low sound level.

 Why we consider this as a best portable Bluetooth speaker in India 
Although it delivers low quality sound at higher sound levels, I personally used this speaker and really worked very well for me, for a long time.
And for a first time speaker buyer this is best choice at this price range.

7.HP S6500 Portable Bluetooth speaker Review

best portable speakers

This wireless portable speaker, having up to 30 foot Bluetooth capacity to connect your device and enjoy whenever you put your device on charging or any such situation. It looks very attractive and as good as it sounds.


• More powerful battery with 10 hours of audio streaming capacity.
• Having all necessary Bottoms to control the volume, connectivity.
• Supports both wireless and Aux connections.
• Very good form factor.
• 1-year manufacturer warranty.


• Memory card slot is not available.
• Carry case is not included with the device.
• Don’t have microphone to handle your call through this device.
• Don’t have Anti clipping technology.

 Why we consider this as a best portable Bluetooth speaker in India 

This speaker is from very well know HP brand and got good reviews from the satisfied customers.

8. Sony SRS-X11 Compact Portable Speaker Review

best portable speakers

This device designed to be extremely versatile, this portable sound system plays music from external sources with great sound from a compact speaker.
This device is ultra-portable de to its lightweight body, so that you can take it anywhere without any effort.


• Audio wattage is 10w, higher than average speakers ensures more sound power.
• Wireless music streaming with a single touch via NFC.
• In-built micro phone with all necessary bottoms to handle the speaker.
• Up to 12 hours of battery backup.
• Available in 4 different attractive colors.


• Don’t have micro SD card slot.
• Don’t have anti-clipping technology.
• Don’t have features like splash proof and Fm radio, compared to other speaker in this price range.

 Why we consider this as a best portable speaker in India 
Attractive price tag and this speaker is manufactured by our very own and well known Sony electronics.

9. Philips IN-BT4200B/94 Portable Bluetooth speaker Review

best portable speakers

This is our second speaker from the Philips brand in this list. It gained more trust of the consumers. This device comes with 10watt audio power and in a compact size to fit in your pocket which is also compatible with almost all types of android and ios mobile devices.


• Built-in rechargeable battery.
• Comes with USB support.
• Bluetooth range up to 10 meters.
• 1-year manufacturer warranty.
• All necessary control bottoms.


• Microphone is not available to support phone calls.
• SD card slot is not given in this speaker.
• NFC was not there.

10.HOME ZAAP AQUA Portable Bluetooth speaker Review

best portable speakers

With this portable speaker change the way you work and play with your mobile electronics. ZAAP AQUA waterproof and shockproof Bluetooth wireless speakers are internationally rated IP67 for 100 percent protection against water, shock, snow and dust.


• Built-in Water proof, shock proof and dust poof.
• Bluetooth and microphone is available.
• Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.
• All control keys are available for smooth handling of this product.
• Very attractive price with all necessary features.


• USB and micro SD card lots are not there.
• Made up of rubber.
• Only 3w of audio power.

 Why we consider this as a best portable bluetooth speaker in India 
Super-optimized version of portable Bluetooth, that consumes less energy and delivers crystal clear sound. It has premium rubberized rugged exterior for ultimate impact resistance. Includes a removable suction cup for use in a shower and a carabineer clip so you can carry it on the go

Final words:

We hope that these reviews can help you to choose best portable Bluetooth speakers at the right price.If you already have any of these items or planing to buy any of them then must share your review in comment section,this can help a lot online shoppers like you and me.

All numbers mentioned here was not denotes any priority ,these are only the serial numbers.The editor’s choice and Popularity mentioned here were decided by many factors like consumer Preference, Duration of presence of the product,reviews submitted by consumers,price for the features and many more.

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