10 Best Power Bank In India 2017 With Buying Tips

There is a wide range of power bank available in Indian market, among a lot brands and feature, how do you know, which one is the best power bank for you? Definitely you need to use some of them, or alternatively, you need to ask the previous buyers about their experience, Which is really a tough job for a working individual. That’s why we had done all the research and necessary thing for you, to know as much as possible about these devices and wrote this review, which going to help you to choose the best power bank in India. Have a quick list of top 10 power bank in India

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Sometime you need to make a call urgently, you like to watch some videos to refresh your mood on your smart phone, or you just want to surf internet, but unfortunately you can’t do non of these because your mobile device is already out of battery, mostly this happens when you’re travelling for a long distance and there was no power outlet around you. If you have not faced this situation, then, you must be lucky enough or you’re going to face it soon.

To overcome this situation some techie introduced the power bank. It may be calling purpose or may be any other entertainment purpose, you don’t need to worry about your battery power while having the power bank with you, as these devices are capable of supplying power to your smartphone, tablet or an iPod on the go. Now without wasting time let’s have a detailed review of each power bank listed above

Ambrane  P-1310  power bank Review

Ambrane  P-1310 power bank is very easy to handle and to charge your mobile accessories. The blue and the white color combination of this device makes this look classy. It’s balanced body and optimum design makes it possible to charge any mobile device, keeping it in your pocket or in your backpack.

best power bank in IndiaWhat we like in Ambrane  P-1310
1. 13,000 mAh Li-ion based, powerful Samsung battery, which made up of using latest advanced technology to make sure that the charger is completely safe to use.
2. Dual USB output power port to charge your multiple device at the same time.
3. Two output USB have the power rating of 1A and 2.1A respectively, so that you can charge your lower capacity device by using 1A power output and the higher capacity device by using 2.1A output.
4. Status LED, shows the status of the charger, whether it is in charging state or in a normal state.
5. Inbuilt touch light also included with the power bank.
6. One year of manufacturer warranty covers all the manufactures defects until the completion of the first year from the date of purchase.
What we don’t like:Some customers are unhappy with the quality of the USB cable, which comes along with this power bank purchase.Auto power cut feature was not included in this device. So that this device unable to cut power supply from the power source even if the battery fully charged, until you disconnect this device manually.

Why we consider this as a best power bank in India:There is no better portable charger than Ambrane power bank, one can get in this price range in the Indian market, that’s why one can definitely go to take a second look on this device, comparing its features with the price tag.

PNY BE-740 power bank Review

The curve shaped PNY BE-740  is very light in weight and with an exceptional grip, it allows its user to be held within the palm of the hand. It also promises blazing fast charging of mobile devices on the go.

What we like in PNY BE-740best power bank in India
1. Both input and output of this device, have a power rating of 2.1A, ensures that you can charge your mobile accessories and the power bank too at a faster charging rate.
2. LED torch and the four LED lights are included in PNY BE-740 to show the battery level of the power bank from time to time.
3. Auto-cut feature cuts the power, whenever the power bank battery is full of charge or in the case when the connected mobile device fully charged.
4. 10,400 mAh battery and one year of manufacturer warranty also included with the purchase.

What we don’t like:There is only one output USB port to charge only one output mobile device at a time.Thats why it may be not for those, who carries multiple mobile gadgets with them.
Why we consider this as a best power bank in India:The PNY BE-740 always got maximum positive reviews from the genuine customers from the time of its first introduction into the market.

Mi 20000mAh Power Bank Review

Mi 20,000mAh is one of the best power bank in India, due its performance and durability. Its long life with  giant battery is capable of charging multiple devices, multiple times without any efforts.


best power bank in IndiaWhat we like in this device
1.Both input and output have the power rating of 2.1A, so that, this can charge and can take charge at a faster rate.
2. Specially designed fast charging features, enhances this device to charge at 44% faster than any other normal power bank.
3.Automatically adjust the charging speed of the connected mobile device according to the power rating of that device. And further auto power cut feature cuts the power from the source whenever the battery is fully charged.
4.Made with anti-slip and scratch resistant material for better handling of the device.
5. Inbuilt LED indicator indicates the remaining charge of the battery of this device from time to time.
6.18% lighter than the normal power banks and the nine layers of circuit chip protection enhances the efficiency and promises more safe.
7. 318 mm high quality, tangle free USB cable also included with the sale.

What we don’t like:This charger receives only six months of warranty from the manufacturer.
Why we consider this a best power bank in India:Unlike other power bank with a bunch of features, Mi power bank is more focused about the safety, quality and efficiency for its long durability and customer satisfaction.

COOLNUT 20000mah Power Bank Review

As the name says,this is the second power bank in our list of best power bank in India, which have a battery capacity of 20,000 mAh. This COOLNUT power bank is made using premium quality ABS+PC material, which adds the brilliant, elegant look to this device. Along with 20,000 mAh battery this power bank also have an inbuilt LED flashlight.


What we like in COOLNUTbest power bank in India
1.Unique digital display to display each and every status of the power bank on the go.
2. Inbuilt 3 USB output supports charging of three devices at the same time.
3. The chip-set is made keeping in mind the circuit protection with a seven layer, multi level charging and discharging property.
4.One year of manufacturer warranty included with the sale from the date of purchase.
What we don’t like:Due to its digital display it consumes little more power compared to other in its category, with LED lights, but this adds a great look and easy control.

Why we consider this as best power bank in India:As you see this device is packed with each and every advanced features, which are needed for a power bank, and this the only power bank, which has a digital display with all these features and price range. Also with, need not to mention the 20,000 mAh battery.

 Intex IT-PB11K  power bank Review

The price of the Intex IT-PB11K is truly legendary comparing to its competitor and the features that it offers to its customers.The Intex IT-PB11K was packed with 11,000 mAh Li-Ion battery and all the necessary LED indicators that are need for a power bank.


best power bank in IndiaWhat we like in Intex IT-PB11K
1. Three output USB ports, each having 1A,2A,2A power respectively to support three mobile device at a time.
2. Inbuilt torch is included.
3. 1 year manufacturer warranty included with the sale.



What we don’t like:Auto power break circuit is not present in this device. As you see the image, it looks little bulky in size.

Why we consider this as a best power bank in India:This is one of the most selling power bank in Indian market and this also have a very attractive price tag, so that anyone can buy this device and can be inhabited to this type of gadgets.

ADATA PT100 power bank Review

The dual color end of ADATA PT100 gives this device an appealing attractive look. And the dual output USB port can be compatible with almost all types of mobile devices that accepts the USB charging and can charge two devices simultaneously.


What we like in ADATA PT100best power bank in India
1. Protects itself from short circuit, over voltage flow, over current flow, over charging and over discharging too.
2. Specially designed LED torch light has four different kinds of lighting modes, glows differently, according to your instruction.
3. Smart energy saver, Automatically turns off the device whenever it disconnected from any external devices or if kept idle for 20 seconds and more.
4. Unlike most of the power bank, which requires user to push the button for charging, this device automatically takes charge whenever connected to the power source and at the same time disconnects itself whenever the battery is full of charge.

What we don’t like:In the initial stage it received complaints, that this device discharges its battery at a faster rate than the normal power bank.

Why we consider this as a best power bank in India:The attractive look and the safety features are packed into a single device, that too has only RS-850 price tag.

Sony CP-V10 power bank  Review

Sony CP-V10 is packed with 10,000mAh Li-polymer battery, and Sony claims that the battery of this device retains more than 90% of its capacity up to 1000 charges.

best power bank in IndiaWhat we like in Sony CP-V10
1.Specially designed Li-polymer battery, ensures long life and more efficiency.
What we don’t like:Only have one output USB with 1.5A power rating, can charge any one external mobile gadget at a time.No LED indicator ,very costly and got mostly bad reviews on eCommerce websites.




Why we consider this as a best power bank in India:Although this Sony power bank cost much more compared to its features and competitor, Battery of this power bank made using a hybrid gel technology, to enhance the battery shelf life and for better charge and discharge cycle.

Syska X110 power bank Review

Syska X110 is another top electronics gadgets producer in India. Syska X110 is ideal for charging all mobile devices with USB connector, with its inbuilt 11,000 mAh powerful battery and two USB power output ports.

What we like in Syska X110best power bank in India
1. Two USB output power port with power rating 1A and 2.1A respectively.
2. Certified with bureau of Indian standard.
3. LED indicator to display status of the power bank from time to time.

What we don’t like:Syska X110 has only six months of warranty from the manufacturer.Many customers complained that they got duplicate product through amazon. So be careful and check the device immediately after delivery and if found anything wrong, return it.

Why we consider this as a best power bank in India: Syska has good brand followers and this product from syska also certified from the Indian authority.

Lenovo PA13000 power bank Review

Lenovo PA13000 made up of plastic exterior, adds good look, much more comfortable and can be easily portable. This device is packed with a 13,000mAh battery with intelligent power control chip and high conversation rate.


best power bank in IndiaWhat we like in Lenovo PA13000
1. Charges itself with 2A power rating speed.
2. Has two output USB port of each having 1A and 2A power rating respectively.
3. One year of manufacturer warranty included with the sale.


What w don’t like:This power bank design and the case material is not satisfactory.

Why we consider this as a best power bank in India:For years the brand name of Lenovo was synonymous for its range of quality product in electronic space and this power also got so many positive reviews.

Romoss Polymos power bank Review

Romoss Polymos 10 is the last power bank in our list of best power bank in India, Romoss is powered by a 10,000mAh Li-polymer battery, also included all advanced and safety features like overcharge protection, short cut protection, over voltage protection and over discharge protection too.

What we like in Romoss Polymos 10best power bank in India

1.Two output USB port to charge 2 mobile device simultaneously.
2.Led lights.

What we don’t like:The USB cable which was included with the purchase is little small in length.

Why we consider this as a best power bank in India:This is the only power bank which offers Li-polymer battery in this price range.


In our research, we found many important thing you need to be known before buying any power bank. Here we covered most important factors shortly and if you like to know briefly, then you can read complete buying guide of power bank

Power bank buying tips

Battery:Battery is the heart of power bank. Because battery type decides the power bank performance and the capacity decides the durability and the price.

Output and input power:The output and input power generally resembles that, how fast the power bank going to charge your device and also how fast it’s going to charge itself, respectively.

No of output USB ports:More the number of output power USB ports, the more the number of mobile devices you can charge simultaneously at the same time .

Safety:Safety plays a very important role on every electronic device. Likewise, in a power bank look for the safety features like over current protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, overcharge protection and lastly the auto-cut feature, so that you can ensure that you’re using a safe power bank.

Certification:Certified power banks from a recognized organization like CE and RhoS is always good in quality and very safe to use.

Brand and warranty:Established brand product going to cost you a few extra bucks, then the local brands due to their product quality and the after sale service, but they always stand on their word to satisfy each and every customer.You may like portable solar power bank for mobile device

10 Best power bank in India reviews: Considering all the above features and safety measures, we picked out 10 best power bank, and reviewed them, In the hope that these reviews going to help you in your next power bank purchase.

Final words:

That’s all in our section of best power bank in India. As you can see, we picked from all types of power bank, considering price, capacity and features, so that everyone can choose according to their budget and need.
We hope that these reviews can help you to choose the best power at the right possible price. If you already have any of these items, or are planning to buy any of them, then don’t forget to share your review in the comment section. This can help a lot online shoppers like you and me.
All numbers mentioned here was not denotes any priority, those are only the serial numbers.
The Popularity score mentioned here was decided by many factors like consumer Preference, Duration of the presence of the product,reviews submitted by consumers and many more.

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