5 Best Tennis Racquet In India 2017

Following is suggestion of some of the best tennis racquet in India. Tennis is one of the challenging and most interesting game for all age groups and can be enjoyed by any gender. Many plays this game for fun and some plays for regular workout and all this can be done by choosing best tennis racquet.
There are many types racquets depending on the quality features available in Indian market to choose from. Considering the features, popularity and the user reviews, we selected some of the best tennis racquet in India, that can help you choose the right racquet to play your favorite tennis game.Before Choosing  a tennis racquet, it’s important to know some of the basic features that can help you to choose tennis racquet.

Features that matter for best tennis racquet.

Material of the tennis racquet:Most of the tennis racquet made of aluminum material, which are much more cost effective than any other, these are best for beginners, but if you’re hard striker and want the exact effect, then the aluminum material may be not for you, In such case choosing an alloy or fiber can be a better choice.

Head size:Head size of the tennis racquet range any where from 80 Sq.in to 140 Sq.in. The power and the control mostly depend on the head size of the racquet. Small to medium head size is best for advanced players, so that it gives enhanced control over the racquet. Likewise medium to large is best suited for the beginners or for intermediate player.

Grip size:Choosing a right grip size is tricky, especially if you’re buying the racquet for the first time. Wrong grip size racquet can cause injuries for the beginners. For this reason many players opts small to medium grip, which gives secure feeling.

Weight:Although a lightweight racquet much easier to handle and control, light weight racquet requires more power to hit. For this reason advanced players always choose the heavier model than the light one.

Sting:Using a right sting in right way is very much important, because this string tension reflects your playing style. If you like a spin on your shot, then the thinner sting can be better and if you like to avoid the vibration then the softer sting can be best for you.

Considering all the above mentioned features, brand presence an the previous user review we have selected some some of the 5 best tennis racquet available in Indian market, have a look.

1.Wilson Advantage XL 3 Tennis Racquet

best tennis racquet

Wilson is one of the best tennis racquet manufacturer, supplies all types of racquets depending on price and the features. And this racquet from Wilson is one of the best racquet available in Indian market for beginner to intermediate player, considering its price and the features. This racquet is made up of air lite alloy material for stability and the head size is all about 112 Sq in in size.

Wilson advanced XL racquet is specially designed with the V-matrix technology, which provides a larger sweet spot and effectively avoids the string vibration, thereby reduces the strain in your wrist.

2. Head Ti S6 US Tennis Racquet

best tennis racquet

Head Ti is best choice for those who looking for a light weight and frame racquet with large sweet spot. This racquet maintains a nice balance of power and the sting pattern of this racquet is one of the best fit for the topspin and the slice players.
This racquet has a large head of 115 Sq in, which ensures more accuracy and the size of the beam is 28.5mm, can behold easily while playing. Lastly, this racquet weight is all about 215grms, so that you can play every type of shot with different angles against your opponent without any tiredness.

3. Babolat 101180-113 Drive Z Lite Unstrung Tennis Racquet

best tennis racquet

Babolat is another popular brand in manufacturing tennis racquet, which is also adopted by many international tennis players. Z lite unstrung racquet from Babolat is one of the advance designed racquet, capable of great topspin, allows the player greater comfort over the racquet to hit the ball from different angles.
The latest woofer and the cortex system are an added advantage to this racquet, effectively reduces the unwanted vibration to control every type of swing.This racquet is made up of graphite body material, head size is of 100 Sq inches, synthetic touch grip and elliptic geometry.

4. Wilson Federer Pro 105 Tennis Racquet

best tennis racquet

Wilson Federer pro is best choice for intermediate to advanced tennis player with an enlarged sweet spot for better comfort. Carbon filter alloy composite frame adds very attractive and classy look to this racquet.The lightweight design of this racquet works great for defensive player, all you need to do is just tap the moving ball lightly and you’re all done.

5. Head Titanium 3100 Club Series Tennis Racquet

best tennis racquet

If you want to feel like a pro with your tennis game and the every shot that delivered from your racquet than, the head club series is the racquet all you need. It gives you full control while you hit the ball.This racquet is made up of fused graphite material, head size is all about 100 Sq inches, Grip size is 8 inch and the length is 27 inch.


Conclusion:That’s all in our section of best tennis racquet in India, as you see we picked every type of racquet considering price, features and the user reviews.If you have any of this racquet or planning to buy, then must share your view on our comment section , this can help a lot of online shoppers in India like you and me

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