Best Trimmer For Men In India 2017 With Buying Guide

Trimmers become a must have gadget due to Beards trend for men of all ages and background. With the increasing trend, men have become more conscious about the style and kind of beard they wish to grow. In order to attain that sexy lion’s mane, men must have a barber, who understands the importance of beard in a man’s life.The following is a list some of the budget friendly and the best trimmer for men in India reviews and buying guide, which can help you to choose the right trimmer according to your needs.Quick list of 10 best trimmer for men in India

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And trust me, a good barber with whom you can trust your beard is as rare to find as Chuck Norris with the beard (just kidding). This is when the trimmer for men comes to rescue.This is a reason Trimmer for men become an essential grooming arsenal.

What is a Trimmer?
One can say a trimmer is simply a machine that helps to maintain our facial hair in a specific shape of our choice, if preferred not to be clean shaven. But, for some like me, it is god-sent to help me maintain the symbol of my manliness.

Trimmers  are very user friendly device, which can be used without any expertise and can be maintained easily without any unwanted mess.                                                                                                          Why Trimmer for men is necessary

Gone are those days when we were required to be clean-shave 24*7 at work. The society and the professional work culture have now started to accept beard.

The beard has now become a way to make one stand out as a lion in the herd of sheep, and even the managers, CEOs and bosses around the world accept that beards add to the beauty of men. But, when it comes to the maintenance of facial hair, you definitely need to put some efforts by choosing the best trimmer for your beard and skin type.Let’s have a detailed review of each trimmer listed above

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1. QG3387 Philips Trimmer Review

Best trimmer for men

Philips is one of the well known brand in consumer electronics. The trimmers from Philips are more famous than any other brand. Philips QG3387 model is one of the best selling and most preferred beard trimmer by consumers.

They project it as an all-in-one head to toe styling kit, which seems very true as this comes with multiple blades, by using all these blades you can easily remove or trim unwanted hair of any part of your body. This product also has a different blade length setting which can be used to create fine lines and details of your choice to define your style.


What we like in Philips QG3387

• Fully waterproof design makes it much easier to clean.
• 4 different types of high quality blades with length setting clips are included with the purchase.
• Blades are made up of chromium steel ensures long lasting performance and works easy on your face.
• Turbo power boost feature helps to cut thicker hair at a faster rate with more efficiency.
• Excellent battery backup, only one hour of charging can last up to 30-40 minute continues use.
• The foil finish blade gives detail foil shave after trimming for clean and polished look.
• Travel and storage pouch is included with the purchase, holds and protects all the accessories with you on all your way.

What we don’t like

• Spare parts of this trimmer are not separately available in the market.
It means, if you lost the functionality of any one part of this device and you urgently need that specific feature, then you will have to replace the entire device.

Why we consider this as a best trimmer for men in India

Philips QG3387 is one of the best all in one trimmer, which have all necessary features and blades that require for a trimmer to remove any unwanted hair of any part of your body.

2. Panasonic ER-GB37 Trimmer for men Review

With this trimmer you can trim your beard quickly and get a super smooth shave within no time. This advanced stubble and beard trimmer enables you to select the length that you want, so you can give a desired shape to your beard. It helps in precious cutting with a 45 degree edge and a quick adjustable dial of 19 settings.

Best beard trimmer
What we like in Panasonic ER-GB37

• Completely washable ensures hygienic and clean all the time.
• Can be operated with or without cords.
• Stainless steel is used to make the blades, which are much more durable.
• It produces very less noise during its use, unlike any other cheap trimmer available in the market.
• Very attractive and stylish design that anybody can love this product by its design.


What we don’t like

• Don’t have multiple blades for different trimming purposes.
• 12 hours of charring of the battery last only 50 minutes of continuous use.

Why we consider this as a best trimmer for men in India

This device makes anyone satisfied every time whenever you use it and also assures you smooth shaving even with 0.5 m cutting blade and quick adjustable dial.

3. Andis D4D 2-in-1 Clipper and trimmer for men Review

Join the fashion brigade with your trendy appearance using this Andis D4D, which never let you compromise with your fashion and look. It has a high performance pivot motor and multi-purpose blades are made up of high quality stainless steel, which can be used as a trimmer as well as a clipper.Best beard trimmer
Grooming become much more convenient with this trimmer, which also includes barber comb, scissors, cleaning brush, blade guard and oil bottle which makes it a best bargain at this price range.

What we like in Andis D4D

• Includes 3 detachable and adjustable blades.
• Nice design with rubber finish feels much comfort while using.
• 1 year manufacturer warranty.
• Stainless steel and sharp blade ensures long life and high performance.

What we don’t like

• The vacuum sucking feature is not available, which is easily available on other trimmers of this price range.
• Design is not so attractive. But the choice varies from person to person.

Why we consider this as a best trimmer for men in India
Andis D4D blades are of good quality, appreciated by many costumers and this comes with many extra accessories, require during the trimming process,in an affordable price range.

4. QG3347 Philips Trimmer and Multi Grooming Kit Review

Best beard trimmer

Another Philips trimmer in our list of best trimmer for men in India, with little less price tag and a little less features. Bring home this Philips multi- grooming kit and you never have to think twice about making appearances at parties, meetings or a date. Enjoy the different flavors of life in style.

Not only does it bring in variety in your look but also has protective features that cares for your skin. The Philips grooming kit has a full size, detail trimmer, mini shaver, hair, beard and stubble comb that include length setting, beard and mustache comb, length setting stubble comb and length setting hair clipping comb.

What we like in Philips QG3347

• Completely water resistant, easier to clean.
• 3 different types of high quality blades with length setting clips are included.
• Blades are made up of high quality steel ensures long lasting performance and works easy on your face.
• 2 years of manufacturer warranty.
• Travel friendly pouch is included, holds this device with you where ever you go.

What we don’t like

• 10 hours of charging only last up to 35 minutes, which is not a major drawback at this price range.
• Don’t have vacuum sucking feature.

Why we consider this as a best trimmer for men in India
This is another well accepted trimmer from the renowned brand Philips,with multiple blade settings and all safety measures, ensures that you’re using a completely safe to use the trimmer.

5. Wahl 09854-624 Lithium Ion All in One Trimmer Review

Best beard trimmer

The Wahl beard trimmer is 4-in -1 tool for trimming, grooming and detailing with a real brushed stainless steel body, powered by Lithium Ion battery. This trimmer comes with professional grade blades to define your facial style.It uses Lithium Ion technology, which is one of the most advanced rechargeable battery technology in twenty first century.

what we like in Wahl trimmer

• Precision Detailer, clipper blade and dual shaver are included.
• High quality and sharp precision blades.
• 2 Years of manufacturer warranty.
• Quick charge feature enables 3min of continuous use with just one minute of charging.
• A complete charge takes just 1 hour and there is almost no power loss.

What we don’t like

• Can be cleaned by using only the brush not with water.
• Feature rich product, but not so popular as others in this price range with same features.
• Vacuum sucking is not available.

Why we consider this as a best trimmer for men in India

This device will only consume the energy it needs to charge itself and then it will shut down automatically, unlike other trimmers that consumer power as long as they are plugged into the power source. And also have the inbuilt fast charge feature.

6. QT4011/15 Pro Philips Trimmer Review

Best beard trimmer

If you are looking for a simple, budget friendly trimmer to use for only shave your beard effectively and more safely, than Qt4001 Philips trimmer for men is best choice for you, which comes with every necessary feature that you need and made up of high quality stainless titanium metal to full fill your all trimming safety needs.

In order to achieve an optimum trimming result, this trimmer also have length settings, The highly efficient trimmer has an easy grip, so that you can hold it firmly while using it.

What we like in Philips Qt4001

• Blades are made up of titanium, ensures long life.
• Blade teeth are rounded in shape for smooth and irritation less trimming experience.
• 1 hour of charging lasts up to 90 minutes of continuous use.
• 3-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.
• Detachable head for easy cleaning.
• Battery status indication light for easy to check battery status.
• Battery shaves charge up to 2 months if you don’t use the trimmer after completely charging.
• Storage pouch included with the purchase.

 What we don’t like 

• The body is made up of plastic.
• Is not waterproof and cannot be washed.
• Includes only one blade which suites only for beard trimming purposes.

Why we consider this as best trimmer for men in India

As you can see, this Qt4001 is one of the most selling trimmer in Indian market. It also capable of storing power for a long duration of time with its advanced battery technology.

7. QT4005/15 Advanced Philips Trimmer Review

Best beard trimmer

The QT4005 Philips beard trimmer delivers skin friendly trimming results time after time. With precision from as short as 0.5mm to 10mm, style your beard the way you want to get closer shave look or the casual look. Easy to hold and use, it designed to help you trim those hard-to-reach areas without any efforts.

Blades are made up stainless steel and teeth of blade are rounded in shape delivers skin friendly high performance.

 What we like in Qt 4005

• Very effective design and performance available at much attractive price.
• 3-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.
• Detachable head for easy cleaning.
• Charging indication light for easy to check battery status.
• Battery shaves charge up to 1 month.
• Storage pouch comes with the purchase.

What we don’t like 

• 10 hours of charging lasts only 45 minutes of continues use.
• Body is not water proof, hence cannot be washed.
• Includes only one blade which suites only for beard trimming purposes.

Why we consider this a best trimmer for men in India

Qt 4005 is more than a trimmer, for those who prefers trimmer for deep trimming purposes and this also has all basic trimmer features with in an affordable price.

8. Braun BT5030 Beard Trimmer for Men Review

Best beard trimmer

Braun Beard Trimmer gives you exact length and precise contours which adds a great look and good trimming experience.

Whether you want to achieve designer stubble or trim your full beard, the detachable trimming comb provides the flexibility you need. The precision comb (1-10mm) with 0.5mm steps provides you the ultimate precision to achieve your perfect look.

What we like in Braun BT5030

• Excellent design with precious dialing and long lasting blades.
• Completely water proof can be cleaned and used under water.
• 2-Years of manufacturer warranty.
• Led indicator to show the charging status.
• Can be used with cord and cordless.
• Lubricant oil, brush and carry pouch is included.

 What we don’t like 

• Takes 8 hours to completely charge and lasts only 50 minutes continuous use.
• Only one blade comes with the trimmer unlike other trimmer with more blades in this price range.

Why we consider this as a best trimmer for men in India

Although Braun BT5030 don’t provide many blades with the purchase, this trimmer have all other basic beard trimmer features and also the extra accessories are included with the sale to maintain the trimmer in the right way for its long durability.

9. Vega VHTH-03 Hair and beard Trimmer for men Review

Best beard trimmer

Vega is another well known brand in personal care products. Vega T-play trimmer for men will assure you of a stylish, elegant and classy look beard trimmer, gives you the freedom to choose between a rugged stubble look, short beard and of course need not to mention, the clean shave.

This beard and hair trimmer, with an ergonomic design and self sharpening stainless steel blades designed keeping in mind that it can work on all hair types, long, short, thick and thin.

 What we like in Vega 

• Attractive design with rubber grip fits more comfortably in your palm.
• Stainless steel with self sharpening property.
• 2-year of replaceable manufacturer warranty.
• Led indicator for charging status.

What we don’t like

• This trimmer is not water resistant.
• Lasts only 40-45 minutes after completion charging.
• Have only 5 dial settings.
• Comes with only one blade.

Why we consider this as a best trimmer for men in India
Costumers were responded positively for this trimmer for its design and look and for the brand name.

10. Nova NHT 1011 Cordless beard Trimmer Review

Best beard trimmer for men

This is one of the cheapest beard trimmer in this list of best trimmer for men as well as in the market, we listed this for those who are buying a trimmer for the first time and want to experiment with this type of device.

Nova claims that, this trimmer offers a powerful, yet ultra silent motor, an ergonomic design, and skin-friendly blades and comb tips, for the best performance on kids and adult hair. It can trim your hair up to 0.1 mm. It also comes with two levels of setting to maintain your stubble up to 9 mm and 10 mm

What we like in Nova 

• Cordless trimmer with very attractive price of RS 500.
• Comes with cleaning brush, lubricanting oil and carry pouch.
• Battery holds charge until 2-3 times to trim.
• Elegant design much easier to operate.

 What we don’t like 

• No warranty provided by the manufacturer.
• Quite low quality material used in blades.
• Having very less dialing settings.

Why we consider this as a best trimmer for men in India
We picked nova for those, who are buying trimmer for the first time, so that they can buy and get used to the devices called trimmer, to know that how a trimmer works and what extra features can be added so that this can be best trimmer for you and on your next purchase you can buy the exact one, with all that extra features that you need.

You may like to know how to use a trimmer like a pro, have a look at the below video.

Things that matters for a best trimmer for men

There are different types of beard trimmers available in the market, which are meant to tackle different purpose and to fit for every class of lions. Before you choose a trimmer (no matter if it is your first or tenth) you must know some basic functionality of the trimmers to get a better experience with them in future.

Here are some of the key aspects and considerable features that you should know before declaring any as the best trimmer available.

Cordless or with cord

Cordless simply means that you don’t need to plug into the power source while using this device. This means, you don’t have to stand in a fixed place to trim, and this type of trimmer generally comes with a rechargeable battery, so that you can carry it anywhere during your travel to use it whenever you want it.
And with the corded trimmer all happens in an opposite manner. You have to use it in a fixed place, near to a power source and so it may become a hindrance if you wish to travel with your trimmer.

Build quality

Quality depends on the type of material used to make it. If the blades are made up of stainless steel or titanium, then it ensures long life of the trimmer. This material also increases the safety prospects of the device, due to which there is a less chances of cut and rashes while you use them.

Battery capacity

If you trim frequently or if you are too lazy to frequently charge your trimmer before use (like I am), then you must choose a model with longer battery life as it reduces the effort of having to charge it again and again. An average trimmers take 9-10 hours of charging time, and they can be used up to 30 minutes.

Vacuum sucking

This is one of the cool features that we come across, which sucks the entire beard hair mess during the trimming process. It is easy to clean and so you end up without any hair surrounding you and any unnecessary hassles of cleaning the entire place.


Choosing a popular brand with many features may cost little more bucks to you, but they provide value for money products. This kind of brands persists so long only due to consumer trust for their quality and durability. Consider this point while searching for the best trimmer for men.


As said earlier Philips dominated the trimmer market, that’s why we included 4 Philips trimmer among all available Philips trimmer of different price and feature in our best trimmer for men in India list, So that every class of people can choose accordingly. And if you want a trimmer to test and know how these devices works, then we strongly recommend you the nova trimmer, comes with very less price tag.

Hoping that all these buying guides and reviews can help you some extent to choose a best trimmer for men at the right price. If you already have any of these items or planning to buy any of them, Then must share your review in the comment section, which can help a lot of online shoppers like you and me.

Note :All numbers mentioned here, was not denotes any priority, those are only the serial numbers. The editor’s choice and Popularity mentioned here, were decided by many factors like consumer Preference, Duration of the presence of the product, reviews submitted by consumers, price for the features and many more.

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