10 Best Washing Machine In India With Buying Guide

Here you can find ten best washing machine with guying guide. Due to the busy lifestyle and shortage of time, the washing machine more likely considered as a necessary then the luxury. But with the passing time and evolving technology, these devices also improving day by day to make it more user friendly.

That’s why it’s really difficult to choose a washing machine with all set of required features, but don’t worry, we listed all the latest information and things that required to know before choosing a washing machine, to make it easy for you to select best washing machine for you too.

Depending on the function of this machine these are classified into two types. The first one semi automatic, generally requires the human involvement where as the Complete automatic machine doesn’t. With automatic device even you don’t need to switch off the washing machine at the end of the wash cycle.

And depending on the load type these are further classified into two types, the front load and the top load. Top load is budget friendly, easy to maintain, lighter weight and easy to handle compared to the front load machine, where as the front load comes with many features and delivers better washing experience and better wash.

Washing machine buying guide

Buying guide simply means the features and some of the parts that really matters for the best washing machine. Let’s have look at them
Capacity: Choosing a right capacity of the washing machine is much more important than anything, as this saves a lot of bucks on your purchase. Generally a 6-7Kg washing machine is perfect for a family of 3-4 members. If you have more members go for a higher capacity based washing machine.

Don’t get attracted to the lowest price and compromise on the capacity of the machine, as with this low capacity you need to do the washings twice for more cloths(which can be done at a time in higher capacity models) and this can cost you more in the long term(In the sense of electricity bill).

Automatic dispenser: Washing machine with automatic dispenser automatically releases the detergent, bleach or any softener automatically at the right time for washing. Some high end models even capable of holding several months of detergent.

Automatic temperature: washing machine having this feature helps to adjust temperature of water, results effective washing, as we all know hot water is more effective in cleaning of fabric than the cold water.

Dryer: Dryer based washing machine helps in speedy drying of your garments that evaporates water molecules and moisture from cloths completely, thus cloths can be shabby immediately.

Energy Efficiency: When you’re going to buy a washing machine don’t forget to look at the energy efficiency star rating of the device, so that you can get an idea how efficient your washing machine will be.

Speed and Settings: More settings and speed ensures more flexibility, but sometime creates confusion too. That’s why higher end models build with sensors to detect the right speed and setting without any human interaction, choose accordingly depending on your need.

Fuzzy logic: This is an advanced feature that enables the washing machine to auto detect the types and weight of the provided garments and uses appropriate settings by itself.

10 Best washing machine in India

Depending on the all above features, user review and the reception of the product, we listed ten best washing machine have a look at them.

1. IFB6kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

best washing machine in India

This is one of the best washing machine available in India, the specialty of this device is, it separates the hard water from the provided water and the remain soft water is used along with the detergent for washing, helps in completely stain free wash.

Another attractive feature of this washing machine is the add laundry, by using this one can load extra cloths during the ongoing washing without disruption of the wash cycle. And this device also capable of automatic balancing of the unbalanced cloths.

45Litter of water consumption.
Power consumption: 2150Watt.
Stainless steel body with 6kg washing capacity.
15 wash programs for smart washing.
Maximum spin speed is 800rpm.
4 years of comprehensive warranty.

2.LG 6kg Fully -Automatic Front Loading Washing Machinebest washing machine in India

This LG 6kg washing machine comes with inbuilt inverter direct drive technology, which connects the motor to the drum without any help of a belt, so that many small parts of the machine dissipates less energy, thus it saves on electricity bill and reduces noise and vibration.

And with LG’s smart diagnosis technology, one doesn’t need a technician present to the washing machine place, at the time of service, All one has to do is just call the helpline and then need to keep the phone near to the machine to communicate with the computer and solution will be provided within seconds.

Maximum speed is 1000rpm.
Made up of stainless steel body.
Power consumption: 1700watt.
Child lock available.
Fuzzy logic available.
Capacity of washing machine is 6kgs.
Two years of warranty on product and ten years on motor .

3.Panasonic Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

best washing machine in India

This Panasonic washing machine is equipped with the powerful, unique soak feature helps to soak and penetrate the detergent particles into the strain to loosen them, so that they can be easily removed during the wash cycle.
The powerful spinning action with a shower of fresh water and the continuous drainage of the dirty water makes it possible for this machine to remove 100 percent of detergent from the cloths.

Weight is all about 32kg.
400 watts of maximum power consumption.
800rpm speed.
2 washing programs.
Washing power rating of 350W and spin rating 160W.
Semi automatic washing machine with top loading.
One year of warranty on product and 5 years on motor.

4.Haier Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

best washing machine in India

This Haier 5.8kg fully automatic top loading washing machine designed with revolutionary quadra flow technology, which creates multi-directional turbulence inside the machine to rotate the provided garments effectively, results thoroughly dirt cleaning from your favorite cloths.

This machine has 6 washing programs like fabric wash,daily wash,quick wash ,eco wash, easy care wash and mixed fabric wash to choose from depending on your preference.

5.8 kg capacity with 6 wash programs.
Maximum speed:1000rpm.
Child lock and the timer is available.
Fuzzy logic technology available.
53dB noise level.
Two year warranty on product and 5 years on motor.

5.Intex  Semi -Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

best washing machine in India

The main reason we picked this Intex semi-automatic washing machine is that it got 4.1 star rating out of 5 stars from more then 3200 customer on flipkart, mean maximum consumers are happy with their purchase.

Along with comfortable medium size, for more convince this machine has inbuilt castor wheels that help to move the device from one place to other whenever you wanted to.


Capacity is 6.5 kg
Weight is all about 19kg.
Spin speed 1320 rpm.
Shock proof body material.
340watt power consumption.
Smart power saving mode.
Two year warranty of the product.

6.Bosch Fully -Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

best washing machine in India

When we talk about Bosch, we talk of quality, specially in the electronics space, and this Bosch 7 Kg fully-automatic front loaded with plenty of features and advanced technology.

The manufacturer claims that this is the first device that is capable of complete removal of any of the detergent residues from the cloths, thus ensures more hygienic. And the anti-vibrant design reduces shaking of the device during the wash.

Automatically adjusts water level, thus reduces usage of electricity.
Reload function to add cloths anytime during the wash cycle.
Speed function reduces 65% of wash time comparing others.
Time delay function is available.
Inbuilt voltage stabilizer.
7 kg capacity of Bosch washing machine.
LED display and foam observation system.
Two years of warranty on product and 10 years on motor.

7.Onida Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine White

best washing machine in India

This Onida top load washing machine is manufactured with 10 auto wash programs and 10 water level selections. And some special features includes water saving function ,no noise (silent) and child lock. All of that you can get just by spending around 12000Inr to 12500Inr on any online portal like Flipkart.

27Kg weight and spin speed is 780rpm.
325Watt power consumption.
Stainless steel body material.
6.2kg of washing capacity.
2 years of warranty on product and 3 years on motor.

8.Sansui WMSS60AS-CMA Washing Machine

best washing machine in India

Here is another budget friendly semi-automatic washing machine from Sansui that comes inbuilt rubbing board, makes it easy and comfortable to prewash of heavily stained area of cloths.

Castor wheel, anti-vibrant pads and easy opening, easy viewing are an added features to this device.

Weight is all about 24Kg.
390 watt power consumption.
6 kg washing capacity.
1400rpm maximum spin speed.
Two years of comprehensive warranty.

9.Hyundai semi -Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

best washing machine in India

This Hyundai washing machine is made of superior material like non-corrosive surface, rust free plastic body, And the pre-washing cycle steps ensures smart laundering, along with that the innovative collar scrubber of this machine helps in cleaning of any dirt on the collar of the shirts.

The rollers with auto-reverse technology provides friction and active cleaning to the clothes, removes every dust & mites hidden resulting in a better quality wash.

Semi automatic,capacity 7.2kg.
350watt power consumption.
60dB of noise with manual water setting .
Maximum spin speed -1350RPM.
One year of comprehensive warranty.

10.Godrej Fully -Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

best washing machine in India

Here it comes, we reached to the end, this Godrej GWF580A is the last device in our list of best washing machine in India with rust free as well as fade and scratch resistant body.
And the imbalance corrector function of this machine automatically corrects any imbalance that generally happens during the drying cycle.

Weight is about 29.5Kg.
425watt power consumption.
700rpm maximum spin speed.
Active soak mode.
Two years of comprehensive warranty.

Final Words: As you can see we completed all most all things about the washing machine and picked to reviewed 10 best washing machine in India , so that everyone with variable choice can choose the best washing machine at right possible price. If you already have any of these item, or are planning to buy any of them, then please share your review in comment section. This can help a lot online shoppers like you and us.

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