Power Bank Complete Buying Guide

I guess you must be familiar with the word power bank, If you don’t, then let me explain in simple words, these are simply the portable charger, which you can use on the go to charge your mobile devices like smartphones, tablet or an iPod and some cameras too.

Many people out there well aware of power bank, but they don’t know how to choose one for them, according to their need. And many don’t even know the power bank, and they are not going to know about it, in the near future until they face the problem with charging their mobile device on the go. Surprisingly, none of the mobile device manufactures don’t even bother to educate about this part, to their customer. Here we are going to cover all about power banks, they’re functionality and how to choose one of them for your need.

There are many factors matters for a power bank like battery types used in power bank, output power, input power, quality, material, number of USB port to charge the external device and the list goes on.

Let’s understand everything about power bank slice by slice

What is a power bank?
A power bank simply a rechargeable, portable battery, enclosed in a special case. First, you have to charge these devices by using any power outlet or by using any other power source like solar power (some power banks accept the solar energy to recharge themselves), so that you can further discharge these power bank to charge your mobile devices like smartphones or tablet.

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Now a day, every mobile device manufacturer, it may be smart phone or your laptop or any other device, that uses rechargeable batteries, mainly adapts either Lithium-ion battery or Lithium-polymer battery technology.

Lithium-ion battery is easily available and you can find them cost power bank buying guide batteryeffective, whereas the Li-polymer batteries are more expensive due to their durability, safety prospects and performance. So going for a Li-polymer battery is a better choice, choose accordingly, which can suit your budget and device handling nature.
Capacity mainly refers the amount of power that a device can store. Generally power banks come with 2000mah, 6000mah, 10000mah and many high end power bank even comes with 20000mah capacity. You have to choose this carefully.

let’s understand briefly,
If you want to buy a power bank to charge mobile device, which have a battery capacity of 2000mah then with 2000mah power bank, you can charge your device up to 60-80 % (due to some power loss during the process) from the level of 0%. And after this, power bank goes out of power. And this 2000mah power banks are very light weight and small in size, so that you can carry this device within your pocket and no one even notice that you have this power source with you.

Where as with 6000mah power bank you can charger fully your mobile device (of 2000mah battery) twice and can also charge your table easily. And with 10,000mah capacity you can charge your mobile 4 times and a tablet can be charged twice efficiently, and these are the best choice for those who carries multiple mobile gadgets with them on the go.
I think you got the point behind the capacity part of the power bank and it is always a good idea to go for a high capacity device, which going to cost you a few extra bucks but you will not regret after purchase, as with higher capacity you can enjoy your long journey or long vacation without any hassle, which you normally faces due to unavailability of power source.
Output power
This is very important to know the output power of a power bank, because this tells the rate of power it can deliver per unit time, means speed of power delivery. Normally mobile devices like smart phone varies from power rating 1-2Amps and you can find this on your device battery.
Let’s say you brought a power bank of 1amp, then it can charge your mobile device slowly as compared to the 2amp power bank and you can only charge one mobile device at a time. Where as 2amp power bank can charge your mobile device at a faster rate and can charge two devices simultaneously. And if you go for a power bank 5 amp and more, then you can charge multiple devices at the same time and higher end devices like cameras, tablet can also be charged.
Input power
Like output power, input power rating of these devices defines the rate at which your power bank going to be fully charged or one can say the total time required to fully charge the power bank.
 Number of power outletspower bank buying guide ports
These devices normally use the USB cable to charge your mobile device through the USB port. It is always important to choose a power bank of multiple ports, so that you can charge your multiple mobile devices at the same time.



You must have noticed there are many symbols on every electronic product that trying to communicate with us. These symbols normally say that the product on which they were printed power bank buying guide symbolsare certified and safe to use. Likewise, always look for a CE, RHoS symbol on power bank to ensure that the device manufacturer followed all the standard norms while making these device.

User friendliness
These devices most have had water proof and shock protection like features so that even a new user can be comfortable and safe to use these devices.


Before buying any of these device you need be specific in your purpose. Say, you want a power bank to charge only your smart phone, then you can go for a little less capacity battery and making a pre decision you can save some bucks on your power bank purchase.
Case material:
Power bank case generally made with non insulating material and they always safe to use, Apart from this, some of the power bank producers use highly resistant material so that the device is going to scratch resistance and even don’t break if it slips from your hand. Choosing good material case can save your budget on buying the extra cover for these power banks.

Brand and warranty:
A well established brand always delivers good product and they also focused on their after sell service to satisfy their customer, so that every customer can speak good about their product.

Additional features needs to know before buying a power bank

Efficiency: always it is good to choose more efficient device, but how can you decide the efficiency?
Tip: Low operating temperature devices normally wastes less energy during the operation. But how to know the operating temperature before purchase? You can read the reviews of previously brought customer and can also ask the seller through the eCommerce network.
Over current protection:
This feature protects both your power bank and mobile devices from over current supply and maintains the long life of both the device.
Over voltage protection
Like over current protection feature, this feature maintains the suitable recommended voltage through your device and protects your power bank from any voltage fluctuation damages.
Over discharge protection
You must be heard the word “battery was dead”, this normally happens to any electronic device due to the complete discharge of the battery. And with the over discharge protection you can easily prevent your battery from being dead.
Auto-cut, cuts the input current whenever the power bank is fully charged to enhance the shelf life of the device.
Solar charging panel
Some power banks nowadays come with solar charging panel, so that you can charge them with solar energy, which can be availed easily anywhere in the world.

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Final words:
At last reading this power bank buying guide, I sure one thought comes in your mind, that you need not to be a genius to choose a right power bank for you. Yes, you’re right and go get the best power bank for you. If you have any suggestion or want to share your experience with the power bank then do speak your voice in our comment section.

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