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Japanese tech giant Sony, Always tries to redefine what an electronic product should be.Here you can find some of the best Sony power bank reviews to choose from. And the power banks from this manufacturer, uses a hybrid gel technology, to boost fast charging more faster, and company claims that, their power bank can retain as well as discharge up to 90 percent of initial capacity even after 1,000 charges. At the same time, many Sony power bank supports charging of multiple device simultaneously.
Before going further, we want you to know that choosing a power bank relies on many factors and feature, if you like to know,you can refer power bank buying guide.

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Let’s have a look at some of the best selling Sony power bank in India.

1. Sony cp-v10 10000mAh power Bank (black)

Sony cp-v10 is a very gratifying product at a reasonable price and compatible with almost all devices, that uses USB to charge itself, including handy cam and Walkman players. The built-in safety features in this power bank, ensures that the battery inside remains healthy much longer than any other conventional portable charger.

                                                                                                                    What we like in Sony cp-v10sony power bank review
1.LED indicators are available to check whether you have enough power to charge your smartphone,or whether it’s time to recharge your power bank.
2.Plastic body charger.And easily compatible with charging e-books, tablets, cameras and smartphones on-the-go with 10000 mAh battery.
3.This power bank is all about 245g in weight, which makes it easier to carry on long road or hiking trip.
4.Micro USB cable included with the purchase, which can be used to charge almost all mobile gadget.
What we don’t like
1.It has only 1 USB output port, so that you can charge only one mobile device at a time.
2.Power adapter is not included with the purchase.

2.Sony cp-v6/Bc Portable power bank 6100 mAh(black)

Whether you want a quick power boost or a full charge, the Sony cp-v6’s battery can charge your smartphone up to 2.5 times before it runs out of battery.Take it to camping, on long-haul flights or simply use it as a back-up power supply.

What we like in cp-v6/Bcsony power bank review
1.Contains original lithium-polymer rechargeable battery with capacity of 6100 mAh, perfect for charging your smartphone.
2.Thanks to the Hybrid gel technology, so that the cp-v6 is rechargeable effectively up to1000 times.
3.Slim and very light weight design, ensures that, it can be ported one place to another, easily.
4. 4 handy LED indicators, to check charging status.
5. 1.5 A output power rating, confirms fast charging of your devices, if you were charging through AC.
What we don’t like
1.Charging via computer’s USB port or AC-USB adaptor is not possible with this power bank.
2.Some customers highly unsatisfied with quality of connecting cable.

3.Sony cp-s15 15000mAh with polymer Battery (black)

Low battery on your smartphone, camera, tablet or any other mobile device? There is nothing to worry, with Sony cp-s15 portable charger. This compact device brings the power to you, and can charge two devices simultaneously with its powerful Li-ion battery.

What we like in cp-s15sony power bank review
1.Built-in 15000 mAh Lithium-ion battery, can charge a normal mobile gadget up to 5 times.
2.Charge up to 2 devices at the same time, with a maximum 3.9A of output power.
3.Overcharge current protection, short circuit protection and temperature monitoring circuit also included with this power bank.
4.Pass through charging facility, to charge the Sony cp-s15, while charging your mobile devices.

What we don’t like
1.Weight of approx. 400 grams, which makes it heavy.
2.Charging time of this power bank is little more, compared to many other Sony power bank.

4.Sony 4700 mAh Power Bank

Sony 4700 mAh powered by Sony made rechargeable battery, made up of Li-polymer technology, is perfect for charging any type of mobile gadget. And this power bank is more useful to avoid those disappointing moments which occur due to the battery draining of your gadgets during your vacation and long traveling.

What we like in sony 4700 mAh sony power bank review
1.Compatible with any mobile device that uses a USB port to charge, so that you can use it with every mobile gadget.
2.An output power rating of 1.5A, so you can charge your smartphone at faster rate, if you were charging through an AC power supply.
3.Two handy LED indicators with a green indicators, tells you when you have fully charged and an orange LED indicator shows you the progress of charging.
4.Slim and the weight is all about 139g.
What we don’t Like
1.Comparatively takes more charging time (approximately 5.5 hours from adaptor and 12 hours from USB port).
2.Only 1 output port.

5.Sony Cp-v9 8700 mAh power bank with Polymer battery(Black)

Make sure you’re always powered up and ready to go with the Sony cp-v9 portable USB charger. A compact design fits perfectly in your bag and charges your smartphone up to 3.5 times. Thanks to Sony cp-v9 8700, for its two USB port support, so that you can charge two devices simultaneously.

What we like in Sony cp-v9sony power bank review
1.Charges up to 2 devices simultaneously with a maximum total output of 3.0A.
2. Four LED indicators, to show the charging progress.
3.Thanks to Sony’s Hybrid gel technology, can be rechargeable 1000 times effectively.
4.Easily portable.
What we don’t like
Takes long charging time to charge itself (7.5 hour form AC adaptor and 22 hours USB port) .

6. Sony cp-v5 5000mAh portable charger(White)

White color of cp-v5 makes this power bank look classy and With 5000mAh battery, you don’t need to worry about your battery of smartphones or any other mobile gadgets.

What we like in Sony cp-v5sony power bank review
1.Its rectangular shape makes it more stylish and classy.

2.Supports safety timer and temperature monitoring.
3.Compatible with all devices that uses USB port to charge.
6. The weight is all about 145g, make it easily portable.
What we don’t like
1.Only one output USB port, and takes more charging time.

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